What are the Different Facial Vein Treatments?

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Facial vein treatments are surgeries or procedures designed to remove spider veins or red blotches on the face. One specific cause of facial veins is not identifiable, although contributing factors may include genetics, oral contraceptives, hormone therapy, exposure to the sun and simply aging. Treatment procedures include a light and laser technology that supplies energy to each vein, which is delivered by a special tool and absorbed in the blood vessels. The combination of heat and energy received causes the blood vessels to clog and become absorbed in the body, ridding the face of the veins or blotches.

Before facial vein treatments take place, each patient’s unique medical history and previous treatments should be reviewed to determine how he or she will respond to the surgery. Facial vein treatments are not overly painful; the burst of energy delivered to the skin feels like a rubber band snapping, and anesthesia is usually available if the patient desires it. After surgery, most patients experience little to no discomfort or pain. Each treatment takes a few minutes, and small vessels require two to three surgeries each, while darker veins necessitate more sessions. To give the skin time to heal, treatments typically take place every four to six weeks.


Facial vein treatments include laser treatments, which are recommended to get rid of smaller veins. The energy of the laser is absorbed by the blood vessels, not the surrounding tissue, and the heat burns and destroys the capillaries. For bigger facial veins, sclerotherapy is an effective type of treatment. In this surgical procedure, a hardening agent is injected into the face, and spider veins first dissolve and then disappear completely. Blood vessels thicken and eventually break down, just like with laser surgery.

The lasers used in facial vein treatments were invented specifically to treat birthmarks, blotches and skin defects. The procedure is safe and has been used on millions of patients. Although slight bruising may occur as a result of surgery, and redness in the areas treated is common following the procedure, coloring should return to normal within only a couple of days, and there is little to no risk of permanent scarring from facial vein treatments. If veins are removed from the cheeks, healing is usually a slower process, but within five days they should look normal again. Rough skin cleaners should be avoided immediately after surgery, and sunscreen should be heavily applied when in the sun for long periods of time.


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