What are the Different Estimator Jobs?

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Some of the most common estimator jobs include a cost estimator, construction estimator, and a project estimator. Basically, all of these types of estimator jobs involve assessing and estimating various aspects within a company. Other types of estimator jobs include a printing estimator, who may set pricing within a printing company, and a machining estimator who typically reviews plans and materials of which a machinist has to work with.

Electrical estimator jobs generally involve estimating expenses for work done within an electrical company or for a private contractor electrician. This job typically requires expertise and experience in electrical supplies and manual work. Estimating expenses and manpower of labor work, as well as electrical materials required, may be an integral part of the job.

A senior estimator job generally oversees all estimations of nearly every department and division within a company. Also known as a chief estimator, this job typically requires certification and a college degree. Costs, building supplies, equipment, and labor are all aspects a senior estimator may be responsible for.

Another type of estimator job is a mechanical estimator. This position typically requires a bachelor's degree and engineering skills. The mechanical estimator may be required to have a great deal of knowledge on aspects such as heating, septic systems, or plumbing to name a few. Working along side of subcontractors is typically a main function.


Collision estimator jobs involve giving cost estimates of repairs for automobiles involved in traffic accidents. This job requires experience in technician work in auto body repair. Ideally, the collision estimator will have knowledge of motor parts and mechanical tools used for automotive repair.

One type of estimator job primarily focused in retail or wholesale selling would be the sales estimator. This job may require inside or outside cold calling. The sales estimator may conduct surveys and generate new leads, while estimating sales percentages.

A marketing estimator is similar to a sales estimator, with the main focus being on strategic marketing management. This job will typically involve planning an effective approach to distribution. Providing estimates of distribution costs may be a major component as well.

Landscape estimators involves working in professional landscaping and design for commercial and personal property. Expertise in horticulture is often a requirement. The professional landscape estimator will generally be skilled in the installation process as well.

Power plant estimators will provide assessment of the nuclear engineering aspect. The estimator may oversee diagrams and layouts of various plant systems, while providing estimates for materials used. This job will typically involve interaction with engineers for successful completion of projects.


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