What are the Different Echocardiographer Jobs?

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The majority of echocardiographer jobs take place in a hospital, doctor’s office, or cardiac center. In general, an echocardiographer will use a sonogram machine, called an electrocardiograph (EKG) to analyze the health of a person’s heart. One of the main echocardiographer jobs is to operate the EKG machine. In addition, she will work with doctors to determine the results of the echogram. Typically, the echogram will help a doctor see whether or not a person’s heart is healthy.

Typically, one of the echocardiographer jobs is to take an echocardiogram using an EKG machine. This can be done while the individual is at rest or while she is exercising. When the test is done while the person is exercising, it is often called a stress test. The goal is to use the echocardiogram to see how the heart functions both at rest and while under stress.

One of the most routine echocardiographer jobs is to discuss the procedure with the person undergoing the electrocardiogram. Specifically, she may answer question about what will happen during the course of the test. She may also advise the patient on ways to remain calm prior to and during the test period.


Depending on the employer, one of the echocardiographer jobs may be to schedule appointments. This is particularly true if the echocardiographer travels to several hospitals or physician offices. She may be responsible for setting her own schedule and setting up appointments based on that schedule.

In most cases, one of the echocardiographer jobs is to tell the individual undergoing the test where to disrobe. She may also help the patient get into place in the area where the test will occur. One of the most important echocardiographer jobs is to run the EKG machine. After the machine runs its course, she may complete an initial evaluation of the results. She will usually make sure the results are clear, accurate, and of a good quality.

Some employers require the echocardiographer to maintain the EKG machine as well. She may also be asked to maintain supplies, such as electrodes. In addition, she may be asked to clean up the test area after an electrocardiograph has been performed. For example, she may change the bed sheets, put the robe in a bin to be washed, or disinfect a piece of exercise equipment.

An echocardiographer may perform a test on an adult or on a child. In general, the procedure is similar for both adults and children. Some additional training may be essential before an echocardiographer can perform tests on pediatric patients, however.


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You are using echocardiography and electrocardiography interchangeably. They are not the same! An electrocardiogram is a graph of the electrical impulses sent by the heart. An echocardiogram is an ultrasound of the heart. Actual images of the moving heart are obtained and measured.

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