What are the Different Disaster Recovery Jobs?

Carol Francois

There are three different disaster recovery jobs: consultancy, working for a disaster recovery firm, and teaching. Disaster recovery refers to the procedures and steps required to either restore a complex system to its prior condition, or deal with the results of a natural disaster. This area has grown exponentially with the expanded reliance on information technology. Previously, disaster recovery focused on short-term crisis situations created by a natural disaster.

Disaster recovery teams may help evacuate people in the event of severe flooding.
Disaster recovery teams may help evacuate people in the event of severe flooding.

There is no specific degree in disaster recovery. Instead, training in these techniques is often available as a post-graduate certificate program. There are two different areas of concentration for these programs: physical and information technology recovery. Physical disaster recovery jobs and courses are intended for front-line health services professionals. This includes nurses, emergency medical technologists, nurse practitioners, and police officers.

Disaster recovery teams may search debris for survivors.
Disaster recovery teams may search debris for survivors.

Information technology disaster recovery jobs and courses are focused primarily on data recovery, returning to full operations, and working to keep the system secure. These courses are intended for systems operators, network administrators, and system architects. This is especially important as computer systems are used to operate everything from electrical to communication systems.

A growing number of disaster recovery professionals start their own consulting firms. Working as independent consultants, experienced professionals provide their expertise to government agencies, cities, and large institutions and corporations. This type of project is normally a low priority, until something happens. Prudent companies do not wait, but take a proactive approach.

There are a broad range of disaster recovery jobs available in an emergency preparedness company. These companies specialize in preparing a company for a range of disasters. They review existing systems and procedures, make recommendations, and put the procedures in place to secure the company. This type of practice is typically noted in a company’s financial statement as a risk reduction strategy.

Many disaster recovery experts turn to teaching, offering courses to health care and information technologists. Community and career colleges are great places to learn the practical skills required to complete the disaster recovery plan. In order to become an instructor, many professionals complete a certificate program in adult education. Learning the most effective way to teach adults can be a huge help when making this career transition.

People who report the greatest satisfaction in disaster recovery jobs enjoy problem solving and working as a team. Attention to detail, professionalism, dedication, and self-discipline are very important in this career. While disaster preparedness is designed with a crisis in mind, the majority of the time there is no crisis. Instead, time and effort are dedicated to preparations, plans, and strategies in case there is a crisis.

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