What are the Different Delivery Driver Jobs?

Misty Amber Brighton

Some of the different delivery driver jobs can involve distributing newspapers, food, flowers, or large packages. A courier might drive his personal automobile or a vehicle provided by the company he works for. Those who transport heavy or bulky merchandise might operate a van or large truck with a square, covered bed — also known as a box truck.

A man delivering a package.
A man delivering a package.

One of the most common types of car delivery driver jobs is that of a newspaper carrier. This person normally has a specific course that he follows daily. While driving his route, this worker places a copy of the printed news into a container at the customer's residence. This is usually similar to a mailbox, and typically located near the road or street. This type of work normally lasts for one or two hours a day in the early morning.

A pizza delivery driver.
A pizza delivery driver.

Restaurants are another type of business that may have delivery driver jobs to fill. For example, food delivery is often offered by pizzerias and Chinese restaurants. Small orders are normally delivered by an employee who is driving his personal automobile. If the restaurant is catering a formal event, it typically has a truck or van dedicated for use in transporting these meals.

A delivery van could also be used by a florist. This is because customers often request their purchases be transported to a hospital, funeral home, or office. Many shops have a driver who works full-time in order to get merchandise where it needs to go, and make sure it there when needed.

There are a number of businesses that specialize in hauling large packages or pallets of goods. Drivers for these companies often drive a box truck along a designated route and drop items off to residences and businesses along the way. This freight can sometimes be heavy or very awkward, so a person who works for one of these agencies usually needs to be in good physical condition to perform their daily duties.

A high school diploma is generally the only education needed in order to obtain one of the delivery driver jobs at a restaurant, floral shop, or newspaper. Freight companies may expect candidates to have completed some college courses in the logistics or transportation fields before applying. A safe driving record and good physical health is also typically required by most of these employers.

Goods often need to be moved from one location to another. This means there will likely be a need to fill delivery driver jobs for many years to come. Those who enjoy operating a motor vehicle and working primarily by themselves might enjoy doing this type of work.

Those who deliver larger items might operate a box-style truck.
Those who deliver larger items might operate a box-style truck.

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