What are the Different Criminology Jobs?

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Criminology is the study of crime and the social behavior of the alleged criminals. This field also studies the effects of crime in order to assist law enforcement. There are a variety of different criminology jobs available for persons interested in pursuing criminology careers.

Criminology jobs may require an individual to have specific education and training in criminal justice. The criminologist may also have a law enforcement background. Jobs are usually offered in the private sector or with law enforcement agencies.

One of the important criminology jobs focuses on forensics. A person working in this area may work as a forensic pathologist. This trained professional has studied forensic science and often analyzes facts from a legal and scientific point of view. He or she may also review information from a crime scene in a lab.

Criminal profilers, another criminology profession, usually work with local and federal departments. Their job is to provide a psychological and social background of the potential criminal.

Another criminology job is that of a crime scene investigator or technician. This person usually goes to the place where the alleged crime occurred in order to review the evidence. The technician generally will prepare a report to give the findings to local law enforcement departments. Investigators may also have to testify in court regarding the information obtained.


Prisons often have criminologists on staff. These people may spend a good deal of time talking with the prisoners to get an assessment of their mental status. Review boards may also collaborate with a criminologist when deciding if an inmate will be released.

Criminologists are also utilized in the field of computer forensic science. If a person is suspected of using a computer for something illegal, a criminologist may analyze the activity on his or her computer. This often includes looking at Internet usage and downloaded files.

Youth offender programs frequently use criminologists. They may consider a study of the youthful offender when determining if the offender may commit another crime. The criminal justice system will often try to rehabilitate young perpetrators. A criminologist may share some insight into potential future behavior.

Many of the available criminology jobs can be demanding and stressful. Some of the jobs may require the person to work late nights and long hours. People who work in this field may encounter crime scenes that can be upsetting.

Because of all this, criminology jobs typically offer competitive pay. These positions are generally given to candidates who have can think fast and analyze a lot of information. These job opportunities can be very interesting and challenging.


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Post 3

@SurfNTurf - That does sound like an interesting job, but I don’t know if I could be a criminal profiler. I think that that might keep me up at night.

I wanted to add that with the increase of cyber crimes there are many jobs in criminology related to solving internet crimes. Many of these crimes involve international rings and often the F.B. I. is involved.

I think that working with the F.B.I. would be great and I know that one of the areas that has the most explosive growth for them aside from cyber crimes involves mortgage fraud. In fact many banks are offering criminology job opportunities in this area.

Almost every major bank is hiring and I even got a recruitment email from my university because they are looking for qualified applicants with college degrees.

Post 2

I think that there are a lot of jobs in criminology that would be really interesting. I think that working as a forensic psychologist would be really facsinating. These psychologists are usually hired to give expert testimony with regards to the psychological fitness of the defendant.

They are also used to compile psychological profiles in order to help law enforcement catch criminals. Some even counsel prisoners in prison in order to help rehabilitate their lives.

You do need a PhD in psychology and many schools are now offering programs in forensic psychology directly.

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