What are the Different Credit Union Careers?

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Credit union careers can include positions in security, customer service, computer systems, and marketing for credit unions. Depending on the size of the credit union, there may be room for advancement as well as the possibility of transferring to a branch in another area, for people who want to be able to move while maintaining their job positions. The job also usually comes with benefits like retirement accounts, health care, and access to shares in the credit union, as well allowing employees to do their banking at work.

Credit unions employ people in many different kinds of positions. Some credit union careers involve direct interactions with the public. Customer service representatives and tellers accept deposits, provide information about services at the credit union, and offer support to customers experiencing problems. Some credit unions employ financial advisers to help customers with investment decisions. Credit unions also need people like loan officers to review loan applications and determine whether to grant them.

Other credit union careers can involve servicing existing products. If the facility offers loans, it needs loan servicers to collect payments, work with customers who need forbearance, and provide other services. Collections officers are also necessary. These individuals recover debts including loans, unpaid fees, and so forth.


Internally, credit unions need accountants to help them manage financial matters, along with compliance officers who make sure the credit union follows the law along with industry-wide standards and practices. These credit union careers usually require college degrees and some training. Executives like managers supervise personnel, make schedules, and handle day-to-day operations at the credit union on behalf of the board and members. Financial analysts can help the credit union with investment decisions and the development of new financial products for members.

Other credit union careers can involve supporting the operations of the credit union. The facility needs security officers and experts to devise a security plan and adjust it to meet changing needs. It also needs system administrators and computer technicians to handle computer problems. Credit unions may maintain marketing staffs, including marketers, graphic designers, and so forth to handle the development of marketing and community outreach.

People interested in credit union careers can look up job listings to see what kinds of positions are available. The listings will also provide information about salary and benefits, along with job requirements so people know what to expect from the current job market.


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