What are the Different Credit Risk Jobs?

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Some of the different credit risk jobs include those of a credit analyst, a credit risk manager, a credit risk director for a mortgage company and a vice president of credit risk. These jobs can involve consumer credit card risk, homeowner risk or business credit risk. The amount of money at stake can be range from thousands to millions of US Dollars.

A credit risk analyst assesses the potential risks involved in lending proposals. Credit risk analysts often are employed by banks, investment firms or agencies that issue credit rating or credit scores. In some cases, a credit risk analyst can advance into other jobs with more responsibility and pay. This often is true for credit risk analysts who work in banks and financial services companies. One of the possible career paths for a credit risk analyst is to become a credit risk supervisor.

A credit risk supervisor often is responsible for analyzing risk across an entire customer base. Duties can include monitoring various customers and updating their credit worthiness. Supervising and motivating other employees are common duties for a credit risk supervisor. A credit risk supervisor also will need strong analytical and leadership skills.


A director of credit risk for a mortgage company is yet another career available among the many kinds of credit risk jobs. A person in this role will be responsible for planning and supervising a staff of employees who identify possible patterns relating to mortgage loan default. This also will include implementing plans that will minimize loan defaults. All of this requires an ability to analyze mortgage data and make recommendations.

A vice president of credit risk is one of the higher-ranking credit risk jobs. One role of a vice president of credit risk might be designing various credit procedures. Reviewing and approving or denying business credit applications and advising businesses on credit decisions are other typical roles. Credit risk jobs at the vice president level likely will require a great deal of experience and a strong track record of success.

Generally, at least a bachelor’s degree or higher is required for many credit risk jobs. People who hold credit risk jobs might have earned degrees in business management, statistics, mathematics or economics. Credit risk jobs are best suited for those who enjoy working with numbers, have excellent communication skills and are good at solving problems and analyzing information. Work or internship experience in banking, law or accounting also can be helpful.


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