What are the Different Construction Manager Jobs?

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With education and work experience in the construction industry, there are many construction manager jobs available for motivated individuals. Construction managers plan and supervise construction projects at residential, commercial, or industrial job sites. These professionals coordinate the efforts of different teams on the construction site, as well as select and hire contractors. Many construction manager jobs also involve creating the budget for the project and seeing that the project stays within the budget. Managers can work for a company or as an independent construction manager or consultant.

Construction manager jobs with larger corporations can offer steady salaries, benefits, and job security. There are many construction project manager jobs with larger construction companies, usually called construction project manager jobs. While working for a corporation, a manager might oversee one specific construction project from start to finish or manage just one aspect of a larger project. Many corporations will offer entry level and senior construction project manager jobs.

Most independent construction manager jobs involve consulting with construction firms to manage projects or teams. As a consultant, individuals work with construction companies, independent contractors, and suppliers to manage a building project. Independent construction managers often determine the best method for delivering materials to the construction site and coordinate different construction teams.


When managing one project from start to finish, many construction manager jobs are described as construction project manager jobs. The construction project manager breaks down the job into steps, plans these steps, and makes sure that the steps are followed in order. The project manager oversees the work of all independent contractors on the job as well as makes sure everything is completed on time and within budget.

With larger construction projects, many construction managers oversee one particular aspect of the building project. Often, a large construction company will hire an independent manager or consultant to manage materials or ensure cost effectiveness. Education can be very important in these types of construction manager jobs because it allows the individual to gain knowledge about one area of construction management.

Many other construction manager jobs focus on hiring independent contractors. These jobs are a blend of project management and human resources because construction managers that oversee hiring need to match up independent contractors with the jobs that need to be completed. Professionals in these types of positions also need to make sure that all independent contractors have current licenses and that all other legal aspects are met.


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