What are the Different Concierge Jobs?

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A concierge is a customer service professional who specializes in catering to guest or customer needs. The job description of a concierge will vary with the position; a cruise ship concierge may have very different responsibilities than one at a high-end resort. There are many different types of concierge jobs that require excellent communication, a high degree of efficiency, and great personal skills.

Most concierge jobs are found in the travel and tourism industry. Hotels, resorts, fitness clubs, spas, long-distance trains, and cruise ships are all common sites of concierge jobs. Any place that helps or maintains travelers may offer concierge jobs.

The ultimate in customer service positions, concierge jobs may have broad responsibilities. At a hotel, some concierge jobs include making special room arrangements, such as having special flowers for an arriving guest, or recommending restaurants for dining. Hotel concierges are generally a great source of local information about the best clubs, entertainment options, and other diversions in the nearby area. At upscale resorts, concierge jobs may include everything from organizing a sit-down en suite dinner party for a guest and his friends to walking a VIP's dogs each day.


On cruise ships, concierge jobs are somewhat similar. In addition to being a wealth of information about the ship's offerings, concierges may be able to recommend and book shore excursions and recommend the best sites at any port. Able to arrange everything from a trip to the pyramids to a beachside dinner by candlelight, cruise ship concierges can be a sea traveler's best friend.

Spa and health club concierges may be able to provide a wealth of services and recommendations to clients indulging in a day of beauty or working up a sweat. In addition to being able to recommend treatments, therapies, and great exercise classes at the facility, a spa concierge may be able to perform certain tasks for the client. Some common concierge jobs at a spa or health club include arranging refreshments, taking clothing to dry cleaners for busy clients, or putting a client's valuables in a secure safe or vault for the duration of his or her stay.

Most concierge jobs require an intimate knowledge of the area and the ability to build good relationships with local merchants. There are concierges that have friends at every great restaurant or dance club in the city, and may be able to secure last minute reservations, spots on the guest list at a hot bar, or tickets to a show that is sold out. A truly great concierge is defined by his or her ability to provide for customer needs in almost any area. It is important to remember that a concierge is not a magician, however, and may not always be able to accommodate bizarre or last-minute requests.


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