What are the Different Computer Careers?

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A career in computers can be very rewarding and exciting. This field often attracts individuals who have an interest in electronics, mathematics, and problem solving. In order to advance in the computer field, a bachelor’s degree or higher often is required. Some of the different types of computer careers are computer hardware engineers, system analysts, and Web designers.

Computer hardware engineers typically work within different areas that deal with computer hardware. They usually research, design, and develop new hardware and supporting peripherals such as central processing units (CPU) and printers to better serve the needs of a company or a customer. In addition to other duties, they usually test and make sure that all computer hardware components are working properly and are secure. Computer careers in this field can be found with computer hardware manufacturers, telecommunications companies, and technology consulting firms. A bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, electrical engineering, or computer science typically is recommended for this career path.


System analysts typically help design, test, and evaluate computer systems such as local area networks (LAN) and data communications systems. Their job is to make sure that all functions of the network are working properly so employees are able to access the Internet and receive e-mail or any other type of electronic communication. Since computer networks are ran by computer hardware and software, a system analyst usually must have working knowledge regarding both areas. Companies typically look for people who have bachelor’s degrees in computer science or management information systems (MIS). Computer careers in this job path can be found worldwide within all types of private and public companies.

Web designers usually are responsible for developing, designing, and managing Websites. In addition to having knowledge regarding computers and technology, they typically must also be skilled in graphic design. A major challenge for a Web designer can be creating a Website that will appeal to the right consumer group. Also, the Website generally should be easy to navigate and user-friendly. Prospective Web designers typically should seek a bachelor’s degree in computer science or graphic design.

Computer careers are available in all types of industries and businesses around the world. With proper education and on-the-job training, future applicants should be able to compete and find the right job for them. Typically, the key to remaining in this field is to stay current and knowledgeable about all the new and upcoming changes in technology. As technology continues to change and grow, the demand for workers in this field should continue to grow, as well.


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Post 4

@nony - I would say that a career in computer hardware engineering offers the highest salary potential. These engineers are more in demand, and yet they’re not as common as the software developers.

Nowadays there’s also a strong shift towards mobile computing. Someone has to design these units and a good computer hardware engineer can make a lot of money doing so.

Post 3

What are the best computer careers from this list, in terms of salary potential?

Post 2

@Mammmood - Computer technician has not been mentioned in this list of computer technology careers. They work with hardware, so maybe they would be considered systems analysts, although in my company they are usually called support personnel.

The reality is that the Information Technology umbrella has become so big that it takes in a lot of different careers which demonstrate a mix of skills and personalities, like technical writer, search engine optimization specialist and so forth.

Post 1

Unless I have missed something, I am quite surprised to find that the terms “programmer,” “software engineer,” or “programmer analyst” have not been listed in this discussion of computing careers. I would think that these would be the most obvious jobs that come to mind, but they don’t fit into the listed jobs of systems analyst, computer hardware engineers or web designers.

Programmers develop software, and this is the most prevalent career path for those with a computer science degree. There are more programmers in a software company than there are network administrators. The programmer analyst is a mix between a programmer and an analyst, and the software engineer is usually involved in full software life cycle, from beginning to end.

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