What are the Different Clonazepam Side Effects?

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Clonazepam is a benzodiapine that is often sold under the brand name Klonopin™. It is typically used as a sedative or anti-convulsant, and is prescribed to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and seizure disorders. Like most other medications, it also has a number of side effects. Clonazepam side effects are usually harmless and quite mild, and they include drowsiness and irritability. A patient should notify his doctor if more serious side effects like depression or an allergic reaction occur.

One of the most common clonazepam side effects is drowsiness. Patients taking this medication often complain of feeling sluggish, tired, or weak. Dizziness and unsteadiness can also occur, along with mild irritability or tension.

As with many other oral medications, there is a possibility of stomach and digestive tract discomfort. These side effects are uncommon, and if they become too uncomfortable, a doctor may need to adjust the dosage of a patient's medication. Abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting are some of the more uncommon clonazepam side effects.


Occasionally, clonazepam users may suffer from rare and possibly dangerous side effects. Uncontrollable tics and memory loss after taking this medication were reported by a handful of users. Also, a very small number of patients began to exhibit unusual thoughts or behaviors, such as delusions, emotional outbursts, and hallucinations. A few individuals have also reported serious clonazepam side effects like severe depression or suicidal thoughts. Patients are advised to stop taking the medication immediately and contact their doctors if they experience any unusual moods.

An allergic reaction happens in a very small percentage of people who take clonazepam. Symptoms of an allergic reaction to clonazepam include an itchy rash or hives, along with difficulty breathing and a tight feeling in the chest. A patient with an allergy to this medication may also experience swelling of certain parts of the face and mouth, particularly the tongue, throat, and lips.

Like other benzodiazapines, prolonged use of clonazepam can cause a user to become dependent on the medication. Withdrawal symptoms can be very serious and possibly even fatal, especially after a person who has taken high doses of this medication for an extended period of time suddenly stops taking it. Signs of withdrawal include irritability, nervousness, anxiety, trembling, seizures, and trouble sleeping. Regular clonazepam side effects may also continue for months, even after a patient stops taking the medication. Hallucinations, memory loss, and depression are a few of these symptoms.


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Post 3
Clonazepam makes me sleepy, but that's the case with most antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. I'm more worried about the memory issues I've been having. I've been on clonazepam for three years and I feel like my memory gets worse and worse every year. I can't remember things like where I put my keys and what I had for lunch.

If it continues like this, I'm probably going to have to withdraw from clonazepam even though it has been very helpful for my anxiety.

Is anyone else experiencing memory issues from clonazepam?

Post 2

@turkay1-- I think depression is a rare side effect of clonazepam but it's definitely possible.

Clonazepam, when it's used for depression, is usually prescribed with another antidepressant. If you're using clonazepam by itself, that might be why you're experiencing more depression. You need to talk to your doctor about this. He might give an an additional medication or switch you to something else altogether.

Post 1

I'm taking clonazepam for depression and for some reason, it is making me even more depressed. I'm so frustrated.

Is this a common side effect?

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