What are the Different Clinical Data Management Jobs?

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Clinical data manager jobs essentially blend the medical and the technological fields, making it useful for a manager be educated and trained in both fields. Jobs in clinical data management can be broad and wide-ranging. Typically, however, the clinical data manager is the person who develops and maintains the database system of a medical or clinical organization by supervising data entry personnel and ensuring that the information entered meets the quality and accuracy standards of medical regulatory bodies.

The definitions of many of the specific clinical data management jobs found under that broad title overlap and are synonymous with other jobs with slightly different names. There are many interrelated opportunities from which to choose. Some of these job titles are senior clinical data manager, clinical systems analyst, clinical applications programmer, and senior consultant for clinical operations.

The senior clinical data manager is typically responsible for managing all aspects of clinical data management activities. This often includes tracking the completeness and validity of the clinical database, devising the data management plan, and participating in the creation and subsequent management of standard operating procedures. A senior clinical data manager is often required to have several years of clinical data management experience, and an undergraduate degree in a related field.


To be considered for a clinical systems analyst position, one should have knowledge and experience in computer network hardware in order to implement and operate clinical information applications. Similar to many clinical data management jobs, the clinical systems analyst designs programs for training other clinical staff members on how to use the information system. Many employers seek someone who is familiar with Windows® operating systems and Microsoft Office® suite.

Delivery of on-time, accurate data is the main concentration of the clinical applications programmer. Often, people in this position serve in a technical liaison capacity on projects, providing data integrity and assisting with the clinical trial management process. Typically, this person needs a basic understanding of Oracle® Clinical applications, Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Phase Forward InForm, and Structured Query Language (SQL).

A senior consultant for clinical operations is expected to provide expert product, service, and clinical operations information to influence customers in the purchasing of new products and services. Compared to some other clinical data management jobs, this one entails more extensive duties and responsibilities. These may include developing and implementing customer training programs and mentoring internal employees on the organization’s best practices.

It is plain to see that clinical data management jobs share many of the same characteristics. Skills in both the clinical and technological sides of this field are important to success in these positions. It pays to be skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable in as many areas as possible within this field.


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