What are the Different Chief Executive Officer Jobs?

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Also known as a managing director (MD), the chief executive officer (CEO) is responsible for overseeing the management of an entire organization, and as such, holds the highest rank of all the corporate officers. There are two main types of chief executive officer jobs: CEOs of a start-up organization and CEOs of an established organization. Whether the CEO is the founder of the organization or was recruited externally, the responsibilities of a CEO vary, mostly according to the size and status of the organization.

Chief executive officer jobs within start-up organizations are typically held by the founder of the organization itself. For the cost of business registration alone, entrepreneurs can appoint themselves CEO of their own organization. As with all CEO jobs, a CEO position within a start-up also entails overseeing the overall management of the organization. However, chief executive officer jobs within start-ups also tend to entail lower-level responsibilities, particularly if the start-up has only a few employees. Some of these low-level responsibilities might include deliveries, answering phones and other hands-on tasks that involve customer service.


Chief executive officer jobs within large, established organizations, such as Fortune 500 companies usually involve working closely with the heads of the organization’s other chief officers. For example, the chief financial officer (CFO) might prepare overviews of the organization’s finances and regularly present them to the CEO, while a chief technical officer (CTO) might meet with the CEO to propose a new type of technology for the organization. The CEO might also work closely with such other executive officers as the chief operations officer (COO), chief marketing officer (CMO), and various vice presidents. Unlike many chief executive officer jobs within start-ups, CEO jobs in large organizations typically come with assistants and other administrative support staff.

In some larger organizations, chief executive officer jobs are shared by two people. This can happen as the result of a merger, or as the result of the CEOs own decision to bring another CEO on board. As co-CEOs, these individuals divide up the CEO responsibilities, usually according to their individual strengths and weaknesses. A co-CEO arrangement may also provide a temporary solution for an organization within a period of transitioning from one CEO to another.


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