What are the Different Chakra Exercises?

Donn Saylor

There are several different types of chakra exercises that can stimulate, balance, and heal the seven major energy centers throughout the body. These exercises come from many different arenas, including yoga, meditation, alternative healing, and traditional exercise programs. Each of the seven chakras corresponds to a different biological system in the human body, as well as to the emotions attached to that system, and these exercises for opening the chakras can lead to improved health and enhanced feelings of well-being.

Jogging is an excellent chakra exercise.
Jogging is an excellent chakra exercise.

The crown chakra at the top of the head is an extremely powerful vortex of energies. One of the best types of exercise for this type of chakra balancing comes in the form of prayer or meditation. This chakra can also be given a workout through the yoga pose known as the Head to Knee pose, in which an individual, lying flat on the floor, alternately raises each knee to the forehead or as close as possible.

Pushups are a good exercise for the heart chakra.
Pushups are a good exercise for the heart chakra.

Chakra healing exercises for the brow chakra can take the form of visualization or lucid dreaming, two powerful mind states that give the chakra a healthy workout. The yoga movement called Hip Circles is another good option for brow chakra exercises. From a standing position, an individual moves his or her pelvis in a smooth, circular motion.

The throat chakra can benefit from a hearty gargling of salt water. It might also find relief in emitting a boisterous yell or singing a song. The yoga posture called Pike Pose is a challenging workout for this chakra. Lying on the back, an individual raises his or her legs in a V shape, holding the position as long as possible.

Swimming, jogging, and pushups are excellent chaka exercises for the heart chakra. An unusual but advantageous heart chakra workout could entail the simple act of alternate nostril breathing. An individual closes off one nostril, breathes through the other for one deep breath, then switches nostrils before repeating the process for as long as is comfortable. This exercise calms the central nervous system.

Another powerful chakra is the solar plexus chakra, located right above the navel. This area can profit from chakra exercises as well. Dancing or doing the yoga pose called Shoulder Stand will stimulate the solar plexus, which is correlated with feelings of self-empowerment.

The sacral chakra primarily deals with sexual energies. This region can be exercised by moving the pelvis in gentle thrusting motions. Meditation and visualization are also helpful workouts for this area.

The seventh chakra is the root chakra, situated on the tailbone. Marching the feet up and down firmly and feeling the feet rooted to the earth are ideal chakra exercises for the root. The region can further benefit by doing headstands or chanting the "Om."

Gargling saltwater can help the throat chakra.
Gargling saltwater can help the throat chakra.

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