What are the Different Causes of Groin Pain in Women?

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The causes of groin pain can vary greatly between men and women; due to the proximity of the groin to the genitals, conditions affecting the male and female genitalia may contribute to the pain. Groin pain in men is more generally the result of underlying issues affecting the male genitalia, while groin pain in women may have different causes unrelated to gynecological conditions.

Injuries in the hip joints tend to be one of the most common causes of groin pain in women. Even though the problem occurs in a different area, the pain can be felt in the groin. This is known as referred pain. Injury to the hip joint is often the result of overusing the area by repeatedly performing the same movements. Hip joint injury can also be due to trauma in the area.

Groin pain in women can also be due to a hernia. This is a condition in which one of the body’s internal organs, typically the intestine, bursts through the surrounding tissue and pokes through the abdominal lining. The condition often results in a lump in the abdomen that can be felt and seen. Since a hernia usually occurs so close to the groin, it can cause severe pain in the area.


One of the causes of groin pain for women can be an ovarian cyst. Ovarian cysts are small sacs that can develop on the ovaries. Small ovarian cysts usually do not cause any symptoms, but larger cysts can cause pain in the groin. In serious cases, ovarian cysts can fill with blood and burst, resulting in internal bleeding.

Rashes in the groin area can also contribute to groin pain in women. A yeast infection, a condition caused by the over-accumulation of fungus in the vagina, and can cause a red, itchy rash on the surface of the groin area. Another common cause of rashes in the groin area is ringworm, a skin infection that occurs as a result of contact with fungus and results in severe itching and redness.


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