What Are the Different Causes of Cellulite in Men?

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Some of the main causes of cellulite in men are overeating, weight gain, and obesity. Sometimes, genetics or health problems can play a role in developing cellulite. Generally, though, gender doesn’t play as strong a role in cellulite in men as it does in cellulite in women. Often, cellulite in men will appear in many of the same body parts as it does for women, though because the two genders store fat differently, the appearance may be minimal or it might take more fat to cause cellulite to develop. Overall, men can use many of the same techniques for getting rid of cellulite that women use.

Sexual organs aren’t the only differences between male and female bodies. This variety of differences is one reason women tend to develop the appearance of cellulite more often than do men. Male bodies store fat in different ways than do female bodies, so gaining a bit of weight doesn’t necessarily mean a man will develop cellulite. For example, gaining 10 pounds during inactive winter months doesn’t typically put a man at risk for developing cellulite. On the other hand, gaining a significant amount of weight, and especially becoming obese, probably will increase a man’s risk for developing cellulite.


At the same time, men have to deal with genetics and health issues, just as women do. A man might genetically inherit genes that encourage obesity or he might develop health problems that cause him to gain weight. Obesity, or any kind of significant weight gain, can contribute to cellulite in men.

Gender differences aside, cellulite in men tends to form in many of the same body parts as it does for women. For example, men might experience cellulite on the legs, stomach, or buttocks. These are some of the same female body parts that experience cellulite. Depending on where he has gained weight, a man might see the appearance of cellulite on his upper arms, thighs, and even back areas. Usually, the amount of extra fat he has will determine how visible a man’s cellulite is.

Generally, men and women can try getting rid of cellulite in similar ways. Most experts agree the most effective way to diminish the appearance of cellulite is diet and exercise. Since their bodies store fat differently, though, men might see faster success than women see. Full-body workouts are best, but a man might want to focus more on the body part showing the cellulite. For example, if he has stomach cellulite, he might focus on sit-ups or crunches, and if he has cellulite on the buttocks, he might try doing squats.

If they don’t see improvement with diet and exercise, or they want faster results, men might try other options. Cellulite creams and lotions are popular products. Depending on the quality, some of these products do present a slight improvement in the appearance of cellulite. Still, they don’t actually remove cellulite from the body and the results are usually temporary. More drastic measures, like liposuction, can permanently remove or diminish the appearance of existing cellulite in men.


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Post 3

Another cause of cellulite in men can be stress because when people are under high levels of stress they produce higher levels of an organic compound that is related to the production of cellulite.

Still, very very few men develop cellulite. This seems unfair when you consider that studies have predicted 80 to 90 percent of women will develop cellulite at some point after adolescence.

Post 2

I know a lot of women out there are going to have a difficult time believing this, but men often have a more difficult time dealing with the sight of cellulite on their bodies than women have dealing with the same occurrence.

Working in the health profession, I see both men and women who have cellulite. Men often think they are not supposed to have cellulite because they are men, and they think of cellulite as a condition restricted to women.

Post 1

Before reading this article, I knew that the development of cellulite was relatively common as people aged. I hadn't considered that the condition was more common in women than men, but that explains why I haven't seen any guys with cellulite in the gym locker room.

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