What are the Different Cashier Responsibilities?

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Cashiers work in a variety of environments, and this means cashier responsibilities could vary significantly. A person working in this field might only run a register and ring up sales, or they could do much more. It can be said of most cashiers that they will need to be good with money and quickly be able to take money from customers and give them the appropriate change, but this is only part of what a cashier might do.

Some cashiers have to oversee exactly how much money they start and end the day with (the drawer), or they may have to watch the amount of change in a register drawer in order to determine when they need to restock change. Cashier responsibilities don’t always mean working from a cash register, though, and some people working in very simple sales environments (like at a farmer’s market or a small amusement park) could simply collect money and give change. When more complex registers are used, cashier responsibilities could include the collection of cash, checks, credit cards and other forms of payment, and the cashier will need to know how to handle and process each one of these, which is usually part of training.


Giving change remains a vital part of cashier responsibilities. People taking money must count it to make sure its total is right, and then must determine how much change to give. Some registers tell the cashier the specific amount to give back in change, but others don’t and require good basic math skills. People who staff registers and who routinely give the wrong change may be fired or may be suspected of stealing money. This makes accuracy vital to the job.

While handling money might be the largest of the cashier responsibilities, there may be others depending on location. Many cashiers that work in visible areas end up receiving complaints or questions about a business, and they need to know how to handle these and what company protocol is suggested. In many retail stores, cashier responsibilities include bagging items purchased, and possibly providing gift-wrap services too. Some retail employers have cashier responsibilities that include not only staffing the register but taking care of other aspects of a sales establishment, like stocking goods or cleaning, and a few cashiers are required to close out a store at night and balance all receipts against sales; some people may even deposit cash at the bank after closing a store.

In many cases, cashier responsibilities involve being one of the last points of contact with people as they leave a business establishment. In addition to being competent, cashiers may do best if they are friendly and have good manners. Getting to be the last impression made on the customer means the cashier can seriously influence a store’s business and encourage repeat customers through professional but friendly behavior. This is important to bear in mind when people “work a register.” They may have more influence than they know on the business for which they work.


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Post 6

As a former cashier manager, I would agree having a positive and friendly attitude is key. The employee the customer sees last must be a pleasant person. Excellent post. -John P.

Post 5

BrickBack-I used to work in a department store that also participated in mystery shopping program and the store would have a meeting to review the results.

They reviewed the findings and reviewed the cashier job responsibilities. It is not just about ringing up a customer. You really have to engage the customer somewhat during the exchange.

The cashier job description involves cash handling, but customer service is equally important because we all have experienced impersonal or even rude service and have probably told just about everyone we know about it.

It takes years to build a reputation and a few minutes to destroy it.

Post 4

SurfNturf-Cashier job responsibilities also include offering promotions or credit solicitations. Some stores even offer customer rewards cards in which the cashiers are expected to promote.

Offering impulse or complimentary items makes the store more profitable and is also a job responsibility of a cashier that is usually tracked by store goals.

Job responsibilities of a cashier also require that the cashier greet the customer and maintain eye contact.

While this sounds obvious, many cashiers for whatever reason do not always do this. Stores participate in mystery shopping programs all of the time to capture the experience of a typical customer.

If the results are negative then additional training is usually offered but if the matter continues then separation is the only option.

Post 3

GreenWeaver-I remember when I was a cashier for a supermarket in college, I had to ring up customers and offer friendly service.

I had to keep my coupons orderly and I had to be very accurate during cash transactions. I was instructed to keep the bill in a horizontal format across my till and then count the cash back to the customer.

This would remind me of the bill that the customer gave me and I could not make a mistake. Once you put the bill inside the till and try to count the money back if you are not careful you might forget which bill the customer gave you and give out too much money out which will not allow you to balance your till at the end of the night.

This is the main responsibilities of all cashiers.

Post 2

The major responsibilities of a cashier involve proper cash handling procedures and customer etiquette.

Balancing a till is critical because frequent shortages are grounds for termination. A restaurant cashier responsibilities entail that he or she process the customer’s check accurately and has the customer sign a credit card slip as well as return the credit card to the customer.

She should also be polite and maintain eye contact as she speaks to the customer. Her voice should reflect the right inflection and level of enthusiasm.

The customer service offered by the cashier is critical because this will be the last interaction that the customer will have at the restaurant and will be the most memorable experience for the customer.

Post 1

really good and comprehensive article! thank you

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