What are the Different Careers in the Modeling Industry?

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Working in the modeling and fashion industry is a dream come true for many people. Whether walking the catwalk, designing stunning photo shoots, or adding that last bit of lip gloss to make a model's pout shine, careers in the modeling industry can be filled with excitement and creativity. There are many different types of jobs available for those who want to be a part of modeling and fashion, from administrative work to posing for the stars.

Without models, there would be no modeling industry. Models are men, women, and children that help sell fashion, and serve as living advertisements for a store, designer, or brand. Becoming a model requires determination and good people skills; people want models that are easy to work with and ready for anything. Though traditionally models have been required to stick to careful diet and exercise regimens to maintain a slim physique, changing beauty ideals are opening the door to models of all shapes and sizes.

Becoming a model may take both training and luck. Some models take classes on posing, beauty techniques, and poise, but others have a natural flair for the work. Models tend to book jobs after being signed by a modeling agency, many of which hold open casting sessions several times a year. Others may get “discovered” by participating in local fashion shows, or just by walking around the mall, but this tactic requires a lot of luck.


Photographers compose and capture images that can set the entire tone and future of a product. Not only do model photographers have to make sure that a model is well-lit and posed correctly, but they must also ensure that the product is front and center. Becoming a model photographer often requires years of training in photography; some companies pay huge sums for advertising campaigns and will rely only on photographers with proven reputations. While some photographers train in school programs, others apprentice themselves to established professionals in the hope of opportunities and connections in the modeling industry.

Stylists are a crucial part of the modeling industry. Modeling stylists are in charge of the hair and makeup for models and must work in conjunction with company representatives, designers, and photographers to create the perfect look for each model. Becoming a stylist can be done through a trade school or some film schools. Many people gain experience by working for free on local movie sets to pick up makeup application tips and meet people in related professions. Like every other part of the modeling industry, making contacts is often key to career mobility.

A modeling agency is a major source of jobs within the modeling industry. Agents work day and night to book clients, set up jobs, and find new models. The highest-ranking agents may work only with the modeling superstars, but many also enjoy finding new talent and discovering the next big star. There are also many administrative and assistant jobs available at modeling agencies that are great places to start for those who aspire to become agents.


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@spotiche5- You are right about the demand for older models. I have a friend who didn't break into the industry until she was 38 years old. However, not all modeling agencies hire older models. Therefore, anyone who is interested in finding out if she has the look and poise to be a model should call different agencies to find those that have clients who prefer a more mature look.

Post 1

Many modeling and talent agencies have open calls for modeling talent of all ages. Though most people think of models as being young, there is more demand now than ever for older models.

If you think you have what it takes and have always wanted to pursue a career in modeling, don't give up on your dreams just because you aren't in your teens or twenties anymore. Check with modeling agencies in your area or in surrounding cities to see what your options may be and what it takes to enter the field.

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