What are the Different Car Seat Parts?

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Car seats are an essential part of the driving compartment in a vehicle. There are several car seat parts that make up a car seat. These include rails, latches, seat frames, springs, and seat covers. Each part is assembled individually with special tools and equipment to create an entire car seat. These parts are typically available for replacement from the automobile manufacturer or aftermarket suppliers.

The seat frame is the lower attachment that secures the car seat to the floorboard of the vehicle. These car seat parts allow the seat to slide forward or backward within the driving compartment. Each type of frame is designed for a specific car and application.

Automatic car seats are special seats that use motors and drive belts to move the seat forward or backward. These type of seat uses a complex set of car seat parts that are typically more expensive than a standard car seat. The automatic seat includes special electric motors, coils, rails, and drive belts that enable the seat to rotate and lift with an electrical switch.

Temperature-controlled car seats are one of the latest fads in the auto industry. These seats use unique parts that allow the seats to be warmed and cooled with coils that run throughout the seat cushion. These parts are distinct for each type of vehicle and are typically difficult to repair.


New car seat parts are best purchased through the auto dealership. These manufacturers keep new products in inventory that can be hard to find from aftermarket suppliers. Most auto dealers have an abundance of parts for current and prior-year models.

A qualified seat upholsterer should handle difficult car seat repairs. This is especially important with advanced seats that have both powered and climate control features. Repairing complex seats requires an understanding of electronic schematics, fuses and controls, which is best left for the professionals.

Many car seat parts can be purchased at junk yards or refurbished wholesalers. Some examples include seat tracks, knobs and head rests. Used parts are typically less expensive than new parts and usually good enough for most smaller seat parts.

Seat belts are one of the most important car seat parts. When replacing a seat belt, it is important to ensure the part is authentic and properly installed. This device is critical for safety and should be installed with vendor-specific parts that are available only through the automobile manufacturers.


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Post 3

The article makes a good point about being able to find replacement car seat parts in a junk yard. Whenever I need a part replaced on my car, I first look to see whether I can find a comparable used part at one of the local used parts dealers.

Salvage yards sometimes have practically brand new cars that have been in accidents, and many of the car parts on these vehicles are not the least been worn or damaged. Buying these parts is a great way to save money, especially since new car parts are so expensive.

Post 2

@Drentel - There are no unimportant car seat parts. If the company that made the car has issued a recall then you can be sure they have made a significant mistake. No company wants to go through the process of making a recall, and the companies definitely don't want to have to pay to have all of those parts replaced unless they absolutely have no other viable alternative.

Besides, if the seat part makes the seat less sturdy and someone other than you gets injured because the seat was not up to code then you may be held liable. Take the time and get the replacement part installed and be done with it.

Post 1

One of the parts on my car seat has been recalled by the manufacturer. I have misplaced the recall notice and I can't remember exactly which part of the seat needs to be replaced. On top of this, I'm not sure I want to take the time and make the drive to the dealership on a Saturday and then wait several hours to have the part replaced.

The whole process is an inconvenience, and I don't think the part is going to make that big of a difference one way or the other anyway. The car seat is working fine now, and the part may never actually malfunction.

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