What are the Different Cake Decorator Jobs?

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Cake decorating is a recreational passion for some, but for others it can become a lucrative profession. Cake decorator jobs can be found in grocery stores, bakeries, pastry schools, and even local craft stores for those with an interest in teaching. Decorators with a more independent nature and enough talent may prefer to start a private cake decorating business. Required cake decorating skills range from the simplest task of applying a layer of plain icing, to the complicated and intricate job of creating something bearing more resemblance to a work of art than what will eventually become a slice of cake on a plate.

Television shows like Food Network's Ace of Cakes have upped the bar in cake decorating innovation, but entry level cake decorator jobs can be found with less demanding creative criteria. Grocery store bakeries are a great place for the entry level person to begin a career in the cake decorating business. These jobs require the cake decorator to follow predetermined instructions, with little creative input. Though not as exciting as creating multi-tiered extravaganzas of flour and sugar, the basics must be learned and cake decorating jobs in grocery store bakeries offer a solid foundation in basic cake construction. Jobs in this category require little experience, so the novice decorator has good chance of securing a position.


Independent bakeries are a good fit for those with more experience. Cake decorator jobs at independent bakeries offer a bit more creative freedom. Custom wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and special event confections provide an opportunity for cake decorators to hone their craft while indulging in more artistic expression. Duties at these cake decorator jobs will vary greatly based on the employer, however. Some will specialize in high end wedding cakes, some will do simpler constructions, and some will save the intricate, creative work for the lead decorators who delegate the basic tasks to the newest employees.

Highly skilled cake decorator jobs include instructor positions at pastry schools and colleges. Experience is a definite must for these positions, and those who enjoy teaching but prefer a part-time gig should look into continuing education classes at local community colleges or craft stores that sell cake decorating equipment. These places often offer courses in cake decorating to community residents and customers. One of the most popular series of cake decorating classes are called Wilton. Cake decorators who have mastered this particular series of cake decorating methods should find many opportunities to share this knowledge.


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Post 4

@Sunny27 - I watch those caking making shows too and I am always terrified that they will drop the cake or run out of cake supplies in the middle. I think that this would be a really fun career especially is you have an artistic bent because making these cake masterpieces is very similar to sculpting because you are forming an piece based on your artistic vision.

The only difference is that this sculpture is edible. I know that lot of these famous bakeries offer cake decorating classes and some even offer internships. I also know that some cake decorators like artists specialize in different types of materials when baking and decorating. If they are successful, many of these cakes can start at $200 and go into the thousands for a larger event.

I know one famous cake decorator charges $100 just for the consultation in order to determine what the customer wants in terms of the cake.

Post 3

I was watching a cake decorating show on television the other day and the cake decorating icing was absolutely beautiful. The use of fondant over the icing really gives the cake a professional and polished look. I get so many cake decorating ideas and realize that there are a lot of ways to add edible cake decorations to the cake to make the cake stand out.

I love when they make crystallized sculptures made of sugar that are in all different colors. It is amazing. You really can’t believe that you are looking at a cake because it looks so much like a sculpture.

Post 2

Yum reading about this has made me hungry for some cakes!

I loved watching that movie Bridesmaids, in which the main character ran a bakery. During one scene she baked a single cupcake and decorated it with piles of chocolate icing and decorations.

It just looked divine. I didn't realize a cake could look so good!

I don't know why her bakery failed in the movie. If I had been there I would have kept it afloat all on my own!

I'd love to learn how to do that, although I wouldn't like to do it as a job. It'd be too hard to keep the stock around.

Post 1

Cupcakes have become really fashionable again, and seem to be available in a lot of places by delivery. I have seen some gorgeous designs online, but I've also seen some components that make me want to learn how to make my own cupcakes!

Things like edible butterflies and tiny leaves and mushrooms made from candy.

I've also seen people do amazing things with icing to go along with the cake decorating supplies.

I also think it would be more fun to make cupcakes because you'd be able to change your motif so often, instead of having to stick with the entire cake each time.

But I guess I may have a short attention span!

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