What are the Different Broken Nose Symptoms?

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Broken nose symptoms include pain and swelling in the nose and face; bruising, especially around the nose and eyes; discharge of blood and mucus from the nose; difficulty breathing; and crookedness of the nose. These are often accompanied by other symptoms that can be quite painful; bruising and swelling is likely to occur quickly, and if this occurs, it is important to seek medical attention immediately to prevent excess bleeding, permanent damage to the appearance of the nose, and other complications that can arise from broken nose symptoms. Headaches are likely to follow a broken nose, and if these headaches persist or worsen, seek medical attention.

When a broken nose occurs, symptoms are likely to show themselves almost immediately. Blood may gush from the nose, and it may be extremely difficult to stop the bleeding. The nose may appear crooked or otherwise deformed, and the nose and surrounding area will begin to swell quickly. Some people will show bruising around the nose and beneath the eyes immediately, though this bruising may occur later on for some people or not at all for others, depending on the severity of the injury. Mucus may also start dripping from the nose, and the injured person is likely to have difficulty breathing through the nose at all.


Many of the broken nose symptoms listed are indicative of a very serious break, and some minor breaks may only exhibit some of these symptoms or none at all. Some minor broken nose symptoms may simply include pain and tenderness in the area of the nose, while others may cause bleeding, swelling, and bruising. If headaches persist, or bleeding cannot be stopped, emergency medical care is necessary. Some broken nose occurrences require little or no treatment, while others can be indicative of more serious conditions. If a sufferer of a broken nose loses consciousness, medical attention should be sought immediately.

It may be necessary to see a doctor if one cannot breathe normally through the nose after several days of healing. This can be indicative of a more serious problem, and though this problem may not be life-threatening, it can have long lasting impacts on the patient's quality of life. If the nose is crooked or deformed as a result of the break, it is important to seek medical attention quickly to allow doctors the opportunity to examine it and potentially straighten the nose before permanent damage is done. Correcting the nose should only be done by a doctor, as it can worsen the injury if not done properly.


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Post 3

I fell on my face a couple of years ago and was diagnosed with a nasal fracture. I couldn't breathe well and started getting migraines. I had to have surgery to re-open the airways.

Post 2

@ddljohn-- Actually, it can be difficult to diagnose a broken nose. Doctors cannot usually diagnose it if there is swelling and have to wait until the swelling is gone.

People usually expect to see bleeding or a physical change in the direction of the nose to know it's broken. It can have neither of these symptoms and still be broken.

X-rays and a doctor evaluation after the swelling is gone is the best way to know.

Post 1
My friend has a crooked nose and she claims that she broke her nose when she was little and never got treatment for it.

I can't believe this. How can someone break their nose and go about their business like nothing happened? Wouldn't it cause immense pain?

I can understand that there might not be bleeding, but not even swelling? If she had really broken her nose, wouldn't her parents have noticed the signs of a broken nose and taken her to the hospital?

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