What are the Different Aquatic Jobs?

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People with aquatic jobs work around water, often at a swimming pool or beach. They might be employed by private companies or government organizations. The jobs might be seasonal or temporary, and could be outdoor or indoor. There are many different aquatic jobs, which may require different types of training.

Lifeguards are probably the most familiar aquatic jobs. Lifeguards are employed at private and public swimming pools and beaches, including local city pools, beaches on the ocean, beaches on a lake, private aquatic centers, and water parks. Lifeguards must be trained in rescue swimming and CPR. Lifeguards must be vigilant for swimmers in trouble, and watch for unsafe swimming conditions such as approaching storms or dangerous sea creatures. Unless employed at an indoor aquatic center, people with these aquatic jobs spend a lot of time in the sun and should take steps to protect their skin.

Aquatic director jobs are important for the day-to-day operation of an aquatics center or swim program. An aquatics director schedules classes, deals with the public, oversees maintenance, and manages the staff of the aquatic center. These aquatic jobs require managerial experience as well as water safety training.


Swimming instructor is another aquatic center job. Swimming instructors teach beginners of all ages the basic swim strokes, and teach advanced techniques to more experienced swimmers. A swimming instructor is often the first person to introduce a young child to the proper techniques for floating and swimming. These instructors also often teach water safety, including how to tread water. They also may instruct experienced swimmers on diving maneuvers and techniques. These aquatic jobs are often found at local city pools.

A swim coach is in charge of a swim team. Aquatic jobs for coaches may be at a school or local pool. The coach is responsible for teaching competitive swimming and diving, including setting up and overseeing practice drills designed to strengthen swimmers and prepare them for competition in swim meets. The coach travels with the team to distant cities to participate in swim meets. A swim coach must be an accomplished swimmer and trained in water safety and CPR.

An aquacise instructor is another aquatic job. Aquacise is exercise that is done in a swimming pool to reduce stress on joints, and it is not necessary to know how to swim to take an aquacise class. All ages can participate in aquacise classes, but they are especially beneficial to the elderly. An aquacize instructor leads participants through various exercise routines while they are standing in waist deep water. Aquatic jobs like this one are often found in fitness centers.


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