What Are the Different Alternate Uses for Clear Nail Polish?

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In addition to adding a protective coating to painted nails, clear nail polish can be used for various purposes such as preventing rust from staining surfaces, stopping screws from rusting, and protecting labels and envelopes from smudging. In addition, it can help keep costume jewelry from tarnishing or leaving green marks on the skin. It can also be used to help thread a needle and help keep shoelaces from fraying. Furthermore, clear nail polish can be used to patch holes in window screens and to prevent runs in stockings or tights. It can also help liven up craft projects, keep belt buckles shiny, as well as help prevent buttons from popping off.

A coat of clear nail polish can help extend the life of costume jewelry. Applying the polish over the jewelry will form a protective barrier that can keep it from exposure to the air and skin. This can prevent the jewelry from tarnishing or leaving green marks on the fingers, for example. If a person is sensitive to certain metals in jewelry, a coat of polish can also help prevent reactions from occurring. It can also be used to add shine to jewelry as well as to keep belt buckles shiny after polishing, and also add a polished look to craft projects.


Clear nail polish can also help prevent objects from fraying which makes it ideal for helping a person thread a needle. A little bit of polish on the end of the thread will keep it together so that it can more easily go through the eye. In addition, a dab of clear nail polish on the end of a shoe lace can serve as a replacement aglet, which is the metal or plastic tip on the end of the lace that prevents it from fraying. Nail polish can also add strength to buttons and keep them from popping off. Just apply a coat to the button and the thread that holds it in place and the button will be less likely to come off.

A person can also use clear nail polish perform minor repairs. Holes in stockings and tights can easily run and ruin them. To prevent these runs, put some clear nail polish on both ends of a hole when it is first discovered. The nail polish will keep the runs from happening in the first place. Clear nail polish can also be used to repair minor holes in window screens and prevent larger holes from occurring.

If cleaning rust stains is a problem in the bathroom, kitchen, or in other places around the house, clear nail polish may be the answer. All it takes is a coating of nail polish on the bottom of cans to protect them from rusting. In addition, the polish can also keep screws from rusting, particularly the ones used in humid places such as the bathroom. The protective coating can also be used to keep address labels or envelopes safe from rain or smudging. All it takes is a coat of polish over the ink.


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Minor repairs? Yep -- especially for a broken fingernail. I keyboard all day, so I'm apt to catch a nail. I keep a bottle of clear nail polish on my desk so if I tear a nail, I can keep it attached until I can get home and clip and file it.

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It's also awesome for wire frame glasses. I paint it over the entire arm, up over where it joins the plastic earpiece. This keeps the metal from getting rough because of the oils in my skin. It's undetectable and has extended the life of my frames, probably by five years. And as everyone knows, it's not the lenses that are so costly -- it's the frames!

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