What are the Different Agribusiness Jobs?

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While many people think of work in the agricultural business as being focused mainly on farming, the truth is there are many different types of jobs associated with agribusiness. Many of these positions require intensive training as well as formal education at accredited institutions. Here are some examples of agribusiness jobs that may be of interest.

At the core of the roster of agribusiness jobs are those that are directly associated with agricultural production. This is the most familiar category to many people, since it includes both family and commercial farmers, those who actively plant, nurture, and reap crops. Along with farmers, consultants like county agents help to determine what is planted where, how crops are rotated, and how the soil is replenished for future growing efforts.

Agribusiness jobs also include career options that have to do with education related to the business side of agriculture. This includes instructors who help commercial farmers learn how to manage a larger farm operation to best effect, both in terms of cultivation and harvesting of crops, but also in matters such as establishing a corporate structure, setting goals, and the general processes necessary to successfully operate an agricultural business. From this perspective, corporate consultants, accountants, and others who specialize in agriculture are among the more valuable of all agribusiness jobs.


Marketing and sales initiatives are also key examples of agribusiness jobs. Agribusiness companies looking for raw product to purchase must promote themselves to those who actually grow the crops. At the same time, growers must also attract the attention of large business that will want to buy what they grow. This means both sectors of the agricultural business world must have people who understand how to create a solid public relations plan, pursue marketing opportunities, and be able to close a sale successfully.

Networking experts are also among the more important agribusiness jobs today. Many different types of farming consortiums network with similar associations in groups in different states or even nations. The central organization that serves as the link between these local organizations often provides a wide range of services to the affiliates, in terms of learning conferences, discounts on business services, and opportunities to share experiences and opinions with each other. The successful creator of this type of network often finds that identifying the most effective means of communication and implementing those options helps everyone to be more successful with their business, which in turn strengthens the overall role of agribusiness in the world today.

Agribusiness jobs are many and varied. When looking for a lifetime career path, agribusiness is well worth consideration. With opportunities that make it possible to function on the front lines of cultivation, or support those efforts with expertise in financial, organizational, or communication functions, jobs of this type are likely to be rewarding on all levels, as well as make it possible to develop business relationships that extend across the globe.


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