What Are the Common Side Effects of Sucralose?

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Sucralose is an artificial sweetener made for the purpose of replacing natural sugar to lower the amount of calories ingested, as well as various other reasons. It is used for the artificial production of the sweetness in different market products and it contains zero calories and is manufactured under heat with specific PH values. It is 600 times sweeter than table sugar or sucrose, but due to several side effects of sucralose, its use should be limited because excessive amounts could be harmful for the health, and it may cause other health and medical complications. It is found in almost each and every product on the market around the world, including different foods that are parched or cooked.

The list of the side effects of sucralose is quite long which could make it potentially harmful to the body. Its excessive use can cause several medical problems including nausea, bloating, and other gastrointestinal complications. In large amounts, it can also cause breathing problems, as well as unconsciousness in severe circumstances. Since sucralose is 600 times sweeter than table sugar and most other artificial sweeteners, its overuse can be addictive, leading to even more health problems.


If the person is highly addicted to sucralose, he or she could be an easy victim for many life threatening problems such as enlargement of the liver and kidney, hyperplasia of the pelvis, pregnancy extension, and other brain and eye disorders. It can also cause rapid reduction of weight including the lowering of the red blood cells. Excessive amounts of sucrose can make normal flu and allergy symptoms, such as a cough and runny nose, worse. Even though this may not seem like one of the serious side effects of sucralose, it can turn into severe medical conditions such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

Skin problems also have to be added to the long list of the side effects of sucralose. For people who are at high risk for skin allergies like swelling, dryness of the skin, and irritation and rashes, its use is strongly prohibited. It is also responsible for many physiological issues such as anxiety, sudden anger, and rapid mood changes. Sucralose can also cause various brain and eye problems.

The worst of the side effects of sucralose is caused by the induction of chlorine during the manufacturing process. Chlorine is a very dangerous chemical which is used in poisonous gases, as well as several modern day pesticides and plastic products. Too much chlorine within the body can cause serious medical problems, including death, when excessive amounts are ingested on a regular basis.


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