What are the Common Side Effects of Omeprazole?

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The side effects of omeprazole run the gauntlet from mild and common to more serious health issues. In some cases, these side effects can impact other preexisting conditions. Minor complaints include nausea and stomach pain, with such symptoms as swelling of the mouth and difficulty breathing indicating more severe reactions to the medication. Omeprazole is commonly used as a treatment for chronic heartburn and acid reflux conditions. As with any type of prescription medication, the medical community strongly advises that patients report any minor or serious complication from taking the medicine that proves to be long term or bothersome.

Among the most common of the side effects of omeprazole, nausea and stomach pain are typical. Other types of stomach upset may occur as well, especially vomiting and mild cramping. Unusual symptoms of gas may also become an issue for some people who have recently started this type of treatment. Some patients prescribed this acid reflux medication report minor problems with commonly occurring headaches. Most medical professionals do not view these symptoms as especially dangerous, though it is recommended the patient contact their doctor if the irritating symptoms do not resolves themselves in an appropriate amount of time.


Though unusual, moderate side effects of omeprazole have been reported by patients as well. Some people have experienced reactions to omeprazole that closely mimic the symptoms of common allergy attacks such as skin rash, hives, and feelings of tightness in the chest. These patients may also notice some difficulty breathing and swelling of the mouth, including of the tongue and lips. Other manifestations of adverse reactions are flu-like symptoms such as fever, chills, and sore throat. Patients who experience these side effects should call the prescribing doctor as quickly as possible for instructions on whether or not to continue the medication.

In very rare circumstances, incredibly serious side effects of omeprazole have been reported, including severe bone pain, seizures, and unexplained and unusual bruising and bleeding. Some patients have also experienced red and blistering skin, serious vision changes, and extreme fatigue while taking omeprazole. The stomach may also be affected with painful and chronic cramps and diarrhea. Additional serious reactions are the presence of abnormally dark urine, swelling of the hands and feet, as well as sudden weight gain. These drug allergy reactions point to the possibility of problems with the kidneys and liver, and the patient should notify their doctor and seek immediate medical attention if these symptoms appear.


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Post 4

I have been suffering from mouth and tongue sores for two years. My tongue lesions look like geographic tongue, but are painful. My palate and inside gums also are sore. I've been on omepraszole for six years for GERD and gastric ulcer. My B12 level is good. I'm a 68-year-old female.

Is omeprazole causing my sore mouth and tongue?

Post 3

@turkay1-- My dad gained over twenty pounds on this medication! You're absolutely right, it' the omeprazole.

Weight gain is listed as a side effect, but it's mentioned as a rare side effect. Not everyone has it, but unfortunately, it has this effect on some people.

You should definitely mention this to your doctor. He might want to adjust dosage or switch you to a different medication altogether.

Post 2

@turkay1-- I've never heard of weight gain from omeprazole before. The side effects I have from omeprazole are vitamin deficiency (iron and vitamin B12) and mouth sores. The mouth sores are also due to vitamin deficiency.

Omeprazole interrupts absorption of vitamins and minerals. So using it daily for long periods can cause deficiencies. I have to take vitamin supplements regularly because this is the only medication that works for my acid reflux disease symptoms. I can't quit right now, so I just have to deal with the side effects.

Post 1

Has anyone gained weight on omeprazole?

I started taking the medication three months ago and I am nine pounds heavier since then. I haven't been doing anything different with my diet and exercise so I don't understand what's happening. Is it the omeprazole?

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