What are the Common Labetalol Side Effects?

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Patients taking labetalol for high blood pressure typically tolerate it well, but there are several common side effects they may experience, particularly at higher doses. Some people will have digestive problems like nausea, heartburn, and diarrhea after taking their medication. Others may feel dizzy or lightheaded, or they may notice a decrease in heart rate or drop in blood pressure when they stand up. Men taking the drug can develop erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems. Other common labetalol side effects can include a variety of issues such as fatigue, stuffy nose, and tingling in the scalp.

Digestive troubles have frequently been observed as labetalol side effects. Many people taking the drug complain of nausea and sometimes may even vomit as well. They may feel some irritation or pain from indigestion and heartburn. Others may develop diarrhea when taking labetalol.

Another of the commonly reported labetalol side effects is dizziness. The drug often leads to a feeling of lightheadedness. Some patients may also experience a sensation of spinning, or vertigo.

Labetalol also often has effects on the cardiovascular system. Patients have been known to complain of a lowered heart rate or of an abnormal heartbeat. It is also not uncommon for them to have postural hypotension, where their blood pressure drops rapidly when they go from lying down or sitting to standing; this can contribute to the feeling of lightheadedness.


Sexual dysfunction may be one of the labetalol side effects that is a problem for men on the medication. Some may have problems with ejaculation failure. Others have trouble with erectile dysfunction, or impotence, where they are unable to achieve or maintain an erection. Men have also reported developing Peyronie's disease, a painful condition where a plaque forms on the penis.

In addition to these issues, there is a wide range of other labetalol side effects which can commonly occur in patients. Many people feel tired and fatigued while taking it, and some may have difficulty breathing or shortness of breath. It is common for those taking labetalol to have headaches, get dry eyes, or develop congestion and a stuffy nose. They may notice strange sensations like tingling or burning on their skin, particularly in their scalps. Some people notice that they have swelling from fluid accumulation, also known as edema.


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