What Are the Common Characteristics of Women with Low Self-Esteem?

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Women with low self-esteem often have difficulty maintaining positive relationships with men. Low self-esteem in women can lead to self deprecation, as these women often belittle themselves. A woman with little regard to her own self-worth may choose a lifestyle that is detrimental. Depression and lack of confidence are also common characteristics. Many such women lack self-respect, which may manifest in poor hygiene or neglect in their physical appearance.

Suicidal tendencies are not uncommon in women with low self-esteem. Thoughts of suicide or becoming involved in precarious situations are common characteristics in women with self-esteem issues. Women who lack confidence or devalue their self-worth may take risks that threaten their emotional or physical well-being.

Some women with low self-esteem may become involved in criminal activities or unscrupulous behavior. A women who does not have a high regard of herself may use illicit drugs. In an attempt to lose weight, she may become addicted to diet pills or develop anorexia. Many women suffering from eating disorders often have poor self-esteem.

Characteristics of women with low self-esteem may also be recognized in the workplace. The individual may lack confidence in her ability to perform her duties as an employee. Co-workers may take advantage because these women don't always feel like their own time is valuable.


Home life is often affected in women with low self-esteem as well. Low self-esteem may not only affect marital or romantic situations, but also cause problems in parenting. Such women may not be a positive role model for their children. The person who lacks positive self-esteem may not set a good example for her children, due to her lack of self-respect.

Another characteristic of women with low self-esteem is an exaggerated sense of self worth. These women may outwardly project confidence, often covering another side that is fearful and doubtful. Obnoxious behavior can also be seen in some women with poor self-esteem.

Medical professionals often treat patients suffering from low self-esteem. Women in particular may suffer from poor health, which can be attributed to improper healthcare. High blood pressure and high cholesterol can result from not taking proper care of oneself, and these health issues are common in women with self-esteem issues.

Women are encouraged to feel better about themselves by joining support groups or learning ways of self-improvement. Books and other materials can teach methods of improving one's self image, and self-help programs are available to improve self-esteem in women. Some online tests can help a woman assess whether she suffers from low self-esteem, and some of these sites may also offer ways to deal with the issue.


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Post 3

@ddljohn-- I'm not an expert on this topic but I think so. Women with low self esteem do not find themselves adequate and often compare themselves to others. It's common for these women to wish that they were someone else or wish that they lived someone else's life. Their inaccurate feelings of failure can cause them to become envious or jealous of other people.

Post 2

Are jealousy and extreme envy characteristics of women with low self esteem?

Post 1

I think that characteristics of low self esteem are mostly the same in everyone, regardless of their gender. Almost all of the issues mentioned in this article are applicable to men. They are also applicable to different age groups.

I also think that most people with low self esteem do not experience most of these characteristics. Sometimes low self esteem comes and goes in phases based on many different factors.

For example, I have suffered from low self esteem most of my life. I had a difficult childhood and my self esteem issues began from a very young age. I used to have depression and anxiety. I had trouble socializing and spent most of my time at home

. I did not participate in extra-curricular activities. I basically did not have a social life.

But when I was in college, things turned around for me. I had friends, I became social. I engaged in activities I enjoyed like dancing and exercise. I was also successful and had good grades. After college, life became difficult again and I again have low self esteem. But now I don't think of it as a permanent state. I've realized that a lot of it depends on environmental factors. There are certain triggers like stress, financial trouble, health disorders and psychological traumas such as a divorce, that trigger low self esteem.

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