What Are the Common Causes of Watery Vaginal Discharge?

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Watery vaginal discharge is extremely common and is usually an indicator that there is a good balance of healthy bacteria and yeast in the vagina. An increase in the amount of odorless, watery discharge can occur after a woman exercises. Colorless, watery discharge that has an unpleasant odor or watery or foamy discharge that is colored can indicate the presence of vaginitis.

Most of the time, women release a clear, watery vaginal discharge in order to carry away dead cells and bacteria. The consistency of the discharge is affected by a number of factors, though it tends to be thinner and more watery when the woman is not ovulating or aroused. As long as there is no discomfort or odor, it is probably normal and no cause for alarm. Heavy exercise can also cause a woman to release watery vaginal discharge, and many women experience a considerable increase. Women who produce a great deal of watery discharge may want to use panty liners.


If watery vaginal discharge smells foul or is discolored, it can be an indication of a problem. Bacterial vaginitis can cause a variety of types of discharge, depending on the bacteria that is responsible for the infection. There are often other symptoms associated with this condition, such as burning, itching, or redness. Cases of bacterial vaginitis are easily treated with antibiotics, though a woman needs to be seen by a doctor in order to determine that this is the cause of the discharge.

The use of certain medications can also create an increase in the amount of watery vaginal discharge. Women who are taking birth control or steroids may experience a decrease in the thickness of their normal discharge. Ovulation increases the thickness of the vaginal discharge, so preventing ovulation can cause the discharge to thin out. As long as there is no odor or color, this can be considered normal.

Trichomoniasis causes a foamy vaginal discharge, which may appear more watery than normal discharge, especially if the woman’s usual discharge is thick. This condition is an infection caused by a single celled organism that is usually spread through sexual contact. Medication is available to treat the infection. Sexual partners should also be tested for trichomoniasis so that the woman is not reinfected after treatment.


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Post 7

It's been five months since I had sex and my vagina has been very itchy and causes a lot of discomfort. Two days ago I had sex, but have been having a watery vaginal discharge and pain when urinating. What could be the problem?

Post 6

I have watery discharge and it changes color. At times it's brownish and sometimes red as if I had my period. The red happens most of the time when I'm playing (I am a netball player) and smells also. I have been to doctors, and they say my hormones are not balancing and my ovaries are not getting into maturity stage. I had surgery to remove a cyst, but it's happening again.

Post 5

I have watery discharge just after my periods, and I find the vaginal area itchy and it's very uncomfortable. What could be happening? Help.

Post 4

I'm 20 years old and have not had sex, but just two or three days ago, I had watery discharge consistently due to coughing or sneezing. I don't know why so please help.

Post 3

I have PCOD on both sides and have this liquid discharge problem too.

I have a white liquid discharge and it goes all day so I have to wear a pad all the time because it gets my panties wet. It also drives me crazy. I am 19 years old and I have no idea what is the problem. What is happening to my body? Please help.

Post 2

I'm 21 years old, and my last period was in early June. I have polycystic ovaries and I always have discharge, but nowadays I have noticed that I'm having watery discharge with no smell, and I also feel dizziness, back pain and stomach pain.

I had an HGC test also, but the result is negative. I also had a miscarriage last year. Can you please help me on this? Am I really pregnant?

Post 1

I have been experiencing a lot of discharge during sex. This makes both of us not enjoy sex due to the slipperiness and also causes a lot of discomfort. What would be the cause and what should I do to help the situation?

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