What Are the Common Causes of Sperm in Urine?

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It’s generally rare for men to experience sperm in urine, but the two most common reasons this happens are prostatitis, which is a medical issue related to prostate gland swelling, and retrograde ejaculation, which can happen when semen flows backward during ejaculation and gets stuck, usually due to bladder problems. Both of these conditions can typically be treated, although they may cause some discomfort or pain in the meantime. Chronic recurrences may also be a sign that something else is wrong. Men who suspect that they are releasing semen with their urine should usually get evaluated by a medical professional to get to the bottom of the issue, as well as to rule out other possible conditions. Sperm can be difficult to detect outside of a lab, and some men think they see it when what they’re really noticing is pus or mucus, which may be a sign of an infection or something else.


One potential cause of sperm in urine is a swelling or inflammation of the prostate gland, known medically as “prostatitis.” The prostate gland helps with the manufacturing and release of semen, and certain medical conditions may lead to long-term and severe swelling of this gland. During urination, the bladder contracts and bumps up against it, for instance. This can cause a small amount of semen to be released at the same time as urine or shortly thereafter. Urine usually appears cloudy if enough semen is present, which is one of the first signs men may get that something isn’t quite right.

Prostate swelling can also sometimes occur if men fail to ejaculate often enough. Although this may take a while to develop, men who constantly become aroused but then fail to either engage in sexual intercourse or masturbation in order to achieve orgasm may have excess semen stored in the prostate gland. This is typically not a serious condition and is not considered full-blown prostatitis. The cure in this case is typically ejaculation, and the swelling will typically go away on its own in these instances.

Retrograde Ejaculation

Another condition which may cause sperm in urine is retrograde ejaculation. This is a condition in which semen moves backward through the urethra into the bladder rather than out of the body. It is caused by a lack of bladder contractions that normally take place during ejaculation to keep urine and semen separate. Men with this condition often notice cloudy urine immediately after engaging in intercourse, but may not see it otherwise.

Treatment and Prevention

Treating either of these conditions typically depends first on properly diagnosing them, which is most often done through a series of tests performed by a healthcare provider. In most cases men will be required to provide a urine sample for testing. The goal here is twofold: first, to make sure that there is actually semen present, and also to get a rough estimate of just how much semen there actually is. This can help a provider determine how it got there.

The patient’s prostate and bladder may also be evaluated to help determine the best course forward. There are various forms of treatment for an inflamed prostate, for instance, although choosing one above the other usually depends on the underlying cause. Serious medical conditions such as prostate cancer may also need to be ruled out. Medications may be given to reduce swelling, and if any other sexually related symptoms are present, these symptoms may need to be investigated further, a well.

There are a number of common treatments for retrograde ejaculation, too. Certain medications can be given to close off the bladder to prevent sperm and urine from mixing during ejaculation, for instance. Surgery can also be performed. Operating is usually pretty invasive, however, and the side effects and recovery times often make the struggle only worth it in the most serious cases. The surgery is also not always effective, which can be a deterrent. Having sex with a full bladder is a much more approachable fix, but this may also make sex less enjoyable.

Other Similar Problems

Men may think that they have sperm in their urine whenever it is cloudy. This isn’t usually the best indicator, though. Cloudiness can also be caused by mucus due to infection or pus that is seeping from a sore or wound, whether internal or external. Either of these may be caused by a virus or a sexually transmitted disease, either of which may be contagious and may not go away in its own. As such, getting prompt medical attention is usually the best course forward for anyone who notices persistently clouded urine.

Considerations for Women

Women may have sperm in their urine immediately after intercourse, though in most of these cases the semen hasn’t actually entered the urethra — it just mixes on its way out when the woman empties her bladder. This is not usually a cause for concern, and doesn’t usually impact fertility or the chances of getting pregnant. Some semen leakage is normal for most women after sex, and the female body is typically structured to prohibit sperm from entering or staying long anywhere other than the reproductive tract.

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Post 11

Use garlic in small pieces before breakfast. You will fine in two days.

Post 10

First off, you mean semen instead of sperm. Sperm, like in the picture, are so tiny you need a microscope to see them. Semen, on the other hand, is the fluid that sperm comes in. You can see that. If you were seeing things like the picture above coming out that are big enough to ID, it's probably worms.

Second, a clearish/white fluid that comes after/during peeing isn't necessarily semen. Sometimes mucus, like what comes out your nose when you are sick, also can be peed out. This isn't a sickness it itself; it just means that something else is going on. E.g., if it hurts when you pee too, it could be a kidney stone trying

to come out, and your body is trying to make that easier, or an infection.

Generally, if you aren't having pain when you pee, and you see mucus/sperm, it isn't a bad thing. Just get it checked out once to be sure you don't have bladder cancer developing or prostate cancer.

Post 9

It's killing me. You know, after I urinate I see sperm and afterward I experience some pain in my penis and the testicles. This will develop into painful joints and muscles as well as the eyes. It's scaring me. What could be the problem?

Post 7

Are you guys are talking about semen or a sperm? Today while urinating, three sperm came out of my penis. I'm so very scared. Please, someone answer me: is this common or just happening to me? One of them was broken in two, and the other two were complete. Their shape was similar to the picture above but their heads were white too. The size was between 1/2 to 3/4 inches. Please reply.

Post 6

It's killing me. You know, after I urinate I see sperm and afterward I experience some pain in my penis and the testicles. This will develop into painful joints and muscles as well as the eyes. It's scaring me. What could be the problem?

Last year I was referred to the doctor who seemed not to know what my problem was and I asked if smoking can cause this disorder. He said no yet did me smoking aggravate the situation?

Post 5

I also have this problem sometimes when I urinate. I have some wet, sticky, colorless sperm also coming out, and sometimes white sperm.

I have had this for the last two years, I think. I have had tests for HIV and gave a urine sample for all STDs, but all the tests were negative and the doctor told me I had no STDs or infections. I don't understand why still I have discharge in my urine. Can someone tell me what I should do and which doctor I should see for this problem.

Post 4

I have this problem. How can I solve this? Should I eat some specific foods or change my daily routine?

Post 3

@burcidi-- Yes, that can happen. During a wet dream, sperm doesn't ejaculate as it would after intercourse or masturbation. Sperm will likely be remaining in the urethra which will be released while urinating. Masturbating will decrease the occurrence of this although it's not a problem otherwise.

Sperm in urine will be cloudy as you said and will usually foam up in the toilet.

If you however continue to experience this even when you don't have a wet dream, it could also be an infection and you should see your doctor in that case.

Post 2

Is it normal to urinate cloudy urine (probably sperm) after a wet dream?

Post 1

What happens if someone has retrograde ejaculation and loses sperm in urine? Will it effect his general health or fertility if it isn't treated?

Having sperm in urine doesn't sound like a very bad thing, as long as it's not associated with something like prostatitis and causes other symptoms. Am I wrong about this?

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