What Are the Common Causes of Orange Vaginal Discharge?

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Though vaginal discharge is normal and necessary to keep the vagina clean, a change in the color of the discharge can indicate the presence of some type of vaginitis. These infections of the vagina are usually quite easy to treat, though they need to be seen by a doctor in order to determine what type of microorganism is causing the infection and how to best treat it. The presence of orange vaginal discharge is relatively uncommon and a strong indicator that there may be an infection. Orange vaginal discharge can range in color from a bright, nearly fluorescent orange to a dark, rusty color. The shade of orange and information about the woman’s menstrual cycle can help a doctor determine what is causing it.

A brightly colored orange vaginal discharge is likely an indication that the patient has some sort of vaginal infection. Various types of bacteria can cause an orange vaginal discharge, and a doctor should be consulted in order to determine what type of antibiotics should be prescribed. Discolored discharge may also have a strong odor, which is a further indication that vaginitis is present.


Blood in the vaginal discharge may also cause it to be orange. At the end of a woman’s period, a dark brown or rust colored discharge is quite common. Though this discharge is normally described as being red or brown, it is possible for it to appear dark orange as well. If the discharge clears up after a couple of days and occurs at the end of a normal menstrual period, this is likely the cause. If the woman is currently pregnant, a rust-orange discharge might also indicate a problem with the pregnancy

Trichomoniosis, an infection caused by a paramecium, usually causes the vaginal discharge to appear yellow or green. A yellow discharge that is tinted by the presence of blood could be responsible for orange vaginal discharge. This may also be the case if the patient is infected with gonorrhea, which again, usually presents as a yellowish discharge rather than an orange discharge. Both of these conditions are easily treated with medication, but because they are sexually transmitted, both partners should be tested even if they are not showing symptoms to prevent the diseases from spreading back and forth.


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