What Are the Common Causes of Groin Swelling?

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Although there are many possible reasons for groin swelling, a couple possibilities stand out as some of the most common. A hernia, a condition where an internal organ presses against something else in the human body, can occur around the groin and cause swelling. Other times, bacterial infections may take up residence in the human groin. This condition is often typified by localized pain and redness in addition to swelling. Another cause is a sexually transmitted disease called gonorrhea, otherwise known as the clap, which occurs with pain during urination in men and pelvic pain in women, in addition to swelling.

Often groin swelling is caused by a medical condition that is referred to as a hernia. A hernia is when an internal organ pushes outside of its normal boundaries and against or through an area of the body where it would not normally be. Although the symptoms of a hernia vary considerably based on what type it is, abdominal or groin swelling and bulging is a very common symptom. In addition to swelling, men experiencing a hernia often feel pain around their genitals, and in some situations the swollen area. Hernias are often caused by excessive improper weight lifting and bad posture.


Another common cause of groin swelling is a bacterial infection that affects the groin region, often resulting in redness, and it is typically accompanied by pain and swelling. Often, a bacterial infection will occur through a cut or similar type of injury. Pain that is caused by a bacterial infection typically occurs directly at the site of the infection. Often, hygiene techniques like engaging in hand washing regularly can decrease the likelihood of developing localized bacterial infections. How healthy a person is in general can affect how likely she is to develop an infection such as this. If a person is malnourished or has a damaged immune system, it will therefore be more likely for him to experience a localized groin infection.

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease that is caused by a type of bacteria and can be transmitted by engaging in anal, vaginal, or oral sexual activity. Left unchecked, gonorrhea can be a very dangerous disease. Untreated gonorrhea can result in groin swelling and pelvic inflammatory disease and even damage the valves of the heart. In addition to these symptoms, men who are infected with gonorrhea often experience pain during urination. Infected women may experience pelvic pain as well as pain during sexual intercourse.


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Post 3

@wavy58 – Ouch! I hope the guy recovered quickly.

I know that groin swelling in men has got to be excruciating. My boyfriend got stung there by a wasp last summer, and he moaned and hobbled around for days!

Thankfully, he wasn't severely allergic. Still, you know how wasp stings make your skin swell into a lump and cause a lot of pain for awhile? Well, that's a really bad area to experience this in!

Post 2

Swelling in the groin area can be so painful! It's hard to sit down, especially if you're a woman.

I had just used some over-the-counter medicine to treat a yeast infection. Within a few hours, I noticed a little bit of swelling in that area.

I tried to ignore it, but as the day wore on, the swelling got worse. By that evening, I was afraid that if it swelled anymore, I would not be able to pee!

I went to the emergency room, where the doctor determined that I was having an allergic reaction to the medicine. He gave me pain pills and told me to take an antihistamine and put an ice pack on the area.

I wish I could have figured this out myself and saved about $500! However, groin swelling is scary and serious, so I felt like I needed to be sure that I was going to be okay.

Post 1

My husband works with a man who had a hernia that led to a swollen groin. They have to lift heavy boxes all day long and load them onto lifts, and my husband's coworker lifted one the wrong way and suffered the consequences.

He had to be taken to the hospital. The hernia was in his testicles.

The doctor didn't want to do surgery right away. He wanted to wait and see if it would subside on its own. I'm sure the poor guy hated to hear this!

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