What Are the Common Causes of Cold Semen?

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Cold semen is not a common problem, and the most likely causes of semen that is colder than normal have to do with the testicles being in a very cold environment without adequate protection. The testes must remain at a stable temperature in order to keep semen from becoming too hot or too cold. This is why the testicles appear to shrink and recede into the body when a male is submerged in cold water or is inadequately covered in cold weather.

Semen is a semi-liquid substance produced by the male testicles and prostate. It is composed of enzymes, proteins, simple sugars, and other substances used to fuel and nourish sperm cells. Because it is housed inside the body, semen typically stays within a few degrees of the 98.6 degrees (37 degrees Celsius) the human body maintains. This makes cold semen very unlikely to occur.

Sperm need to be kept several degrees cooler than the rest of the body, so the scrotum hangs below the abdominal cavity to preserve them. If the temperature surrounding the testicles becomes too cold, the scrotal sack contracts so that the testes are raised closer to the body to keep the temperature stable. Likewise, in hotter climates the testicles hang away from the body to keep cooler. Generally, very hot temperatures are more of a threat to sperm cells than cold ones.


Males who remain in frigid temperatures for long periods of time may eventually have cold semen as a result. This semen would likely not to be cold to the touch, but it would have a cooler temperature than what is needed for sperm survival. In most cases the temperature would rise to normal levels as soon as the man moves into a warmer area. When wearing proper clothing, it would take very cold external temperatures to negatively affect semen temperature.

Another situation where cold semen may be present is when it is collected and deliberately frozen to conserve it. This is usually done for fertilization purposes. Male sperm donors and those who are having trouble getting their partners pregnant may turn to cryogenic freezing of sperm-containing semen for later use. This type of cold semen would be lowered to below freezing temperatures using liquid nitrogen. Some sperm will typically die during this process, but many of them will revive once the semen is thawed.

Semen also cools in temperature very quickly after ejaculation has occurred. For this reason, men might not be able to tell if their semen is colder than normal by touching it. Any man who feels he may have fertility issues or abnormal semen should consult a specialist.


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Post 5

I am sometimes cold. My body temperature has a hard time staying warm. I also have lowish blood pressure and exceedingly low triglyceride levels. Even in the summer, while not being in any cold environment, my semen is noticeably colder than my fingers, and ambient environment. I feel that it may have a relationship to possible prostatitis, and am infertile. I had two tests for fertility and the results have dropped in fertility (no improvement).

Post 4

I don't take cold showers; I take very hot showers. Why am I getting cold semen? I live in a very hot place. I'm rarely ever cold!

Post 3

I don't know why people are worried about cold semen. It's better for semen to be cold than to be warm. I wouldn't worry unless I was stuck in the North Pole without clothes or something.

Post 2

@literally45-- If you are ejaculating soon after your shower, then cold water is definitely the cause of your cold semen. Remember, when the testes are cold, so is semen.

I'm not a doctor but I don't think that this will cause damage to your sperm. You would have to shower with freezing water to cause damage. But you might want to avoid the genital area while showering with cold water and concentrate on your muscles instead. Try to warm up soon after the shower and see if the temperature of your semen is different.

If this problem continues, even when you don't shower with cold water, it's a good idea to ask your doctor about it.

Post 1

Can cold showers cause cold semen? I've been doing warm and cold showers this week. It was recommended to me as therapy to help muscles heal after intense workouts. I usually start off showering with warm water and slowly switch to cold water.

I've noticed however that my semen has been colder than usual recently. Is it due to cold showering? Will this damage my sperm?

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