What Are the Common Causes of Clear Sperm?

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Clear sperm is usually caused by frequent ejaculation, diet, or youth. Men with clear sperm have no cause to be concerned in most cases, but it could be a sign of retrograde ejaculation. This is only likely if it is coupled with cloudy urine, and treatment options are available for any men suffering from it. Technically speaking, clear sperm actually refers to clear semen, because the sperm are the microscopic, tadpole-like cells which are contained within the usually milky, thick semen. Eating a healthy diet with ample zinc and folates should solve the issue if it is related to diet.

Several possible causes exist for clear sperm, and most are harmless in nature. Diet is one factor which could affect the color of sperm, and this can be corrected easily. It is also possible that the issue is caused by frequent ejaculation. The more frequently a man ejaculates, the less time the body has to replenish its stocks of sperm, meaning that clarity of semen is more likely. Younger men are also more prone to having clear sperm because their bodies are just getting used to making it.


Although men may be concerned if their sperm becomes clear, it is unlikely to be an issue. It is possible for men to have clear sperm regardless of any dietary or serious physical causes. Men should be concerned if the issue is coupled with a burning sensation or any other form of discomfort. If there is no other issue, clear sperm is exceptionally unlikely to be indicative of another issue. It is considered to be within the normal range of colors for healthy sperm, but doctors aren’t exactly sure of the cause.

Retrograde ejaculation is the only identified medical condition that could cause clear sperm. This is a condition in which the sperm doesn’t exit through the urethra properly during orgasm and is instead moved into the bladder. Men suffering from this condition will have cloudy urine just following the incident. This is because the semen is being passed through the urine, causing a slight milky tint. There is usually no need for treatment of retrograde ejaculation, but if it interferes with fertility, the drugs ephedrine, imipramine, or brompheniramine could be prescribed.

Men with clear sperm should change their diet to see if it corrects the issue. Foods with zinc and folates are two groups which can contribute towards healthy sperm. Dark chicken meat, beans, and lean minced beef are three dietary sources of zinc. Men should try to consume between 12 and 15 milligrams (mg) of zinc per day. 3 ounces (oz) (85 grams) of lean minced beef contains 4.5 mg of zinc, 6 oz (170 grams) of beans contains 3.55 mg, and 3 oz of dark chicken meat contains (2.38 mg). Folates are found in green vegetables and other foods such as jacket potatoes.


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