What Are the Common Causes of Cerebellum Damage?

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Cerebellum damage can occur for a variety of reasons, with traumatic brain injury and stroke being among the most common causes. Other potential causes of cerebellum damage may include diseases such as multiple sclerosis, degenerative brain disorders, or certain genetic mutations. Damage to this area of the brain may also occur due to alcohol abuse or some forms of cancer. Any questions or concerns about damage to the cerebellum in an individual situation should be discussed with a doctor or other medical professional.

Traumatic brain injury is a common cause of cerebellum damage. This type of injury is usually caused by situations such as automobile accidents, work injuries, or intentional blunt force trauma to the head. Some of the most frequently reported symptoms of damage to the cerebellum include slurred speech, loss of balance, and a lack of coordination. Any of these symptoms should be reported to a doctor right away for further medical evaluation.

A stroke is another leading cause of cerebellum damage. Also referred to as a cerebrovascular accident, a stroke occurs when there is a sudden disturbance in the blood flow to the brain. The affected area of the brain is then unable to function normally, sometimes leading to permanent brain damage. In many cases, the damage suffered from a stroke is temporary, although the longer the blood supply is interrupted, the higher the risks of the damage becoming permanent.


Multiple sclerosis is a medical condition that causes damage to the protective covering that surrounds the nerves of the brain and spinal cord. This damage can lead to damage to the cerebellum, depending on the area of the brain affected by the lesions. Degenerative brain disorders are a group of conditions that cause a progressive loss of brain function, sometimes affecting the cerebellum and causing temporary or permanent damage to the cerebellum. Some inherited genetic mutations can cause a progressive loss of nerve function in the brain, often leading to permanent brain damage.

Chronic alcohol abuse, usually over a period of several years, can cause the cerebellum to become damaged. This may lead to a slow progression of symptoms that may be difficult to diagnose until the damage has become so severe that it cannot be reversed. Some malignancies, or types of cancer, may affect the proper functioning of the cerebellum. If a tumor or other type of blockage is present, prompt treatment may prevent the damage from becoming permanent.


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