What Are the Characteristics of Olive Skin?

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Olive skin is often associated with beauty, youthfulness and radiance. It possesses color tones of beige, green and yellow, and is usually of a darker tone than Caucasian skin. Skin is often believed to be more resilient to sun damage, however this is not the case and sun protection is still required. Sagging, fine wrinkles and hyperpigmentation can occur due to excessive exposure to the sun. Olive skin is usually soft and supple; however it can have large pores that secrete excess amounts of oil.

Different people from various ethnic origins have olive complexions and its characteristics differ between these people, for example, some have lighter or darker skin than others. Skin usually has tones of beige or gold, with a hint of green and yellow. Individuals with olive skin can originate from different parts of the world for example the Mediterranean, Asia, Europe and South America.

The olive complexion is often associated with radiance, softness and a youthful glow, and is much admired by many. Wrinkles typically take longer to develop, so skin looks younger compared to people of the same age with other skin types. When aging does occur, fine lines tend to appear and skin is prone to sagging.

Hair color varies among people with olive complexions, including blonde, brunette and black hair. Eye color varies including blue, green or brown. A wide variety of make up shades suit this skin tone, such as gold, red, mahogany and cinnamon. Olive skin can sometimes take on tones of grey depending on the colors of make up used, so it is therefore best to stick to warm tones of makeup.

There tends to be higher levels of melanin in these complexions, making a tan more easily achievable. Many people believe that it is resistant to burning, but just like all skin, caution is required and a high strength sun cream should be used. Skin is susceptible to wrinkling and changes in pigmentation due to sun damage.

Dark circles under the eyes are quite common among people with this skin tone, as is a tendency for hyperpigmentation to occur even without sun exposure. This is where the skin changes color, resulting in darker or lighter patches. It can be caused by acne, scarring, sun damage or occur naturally on its own.

Larger skin pores can be a problem for people with olive skin, contributing to excess oil production and a build up of oil on the skin, causing greasiness. Acne can result if it is not kept under control. Stretch marks too can be more visible on people with this type of skin because of the light silvery color showing up prominently against the darker skin tone.

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