What Are the Characteristics of Modern Human Resource Management?

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In most companies, human resource departments are responsible for recruiting new employees, putting together benefits packages, conducting and developing training initiatives, and working with unhappy employees. Professionals in this field also tend to negotiate with employees when it comes to issues such as salary and behavioral policy. One of the main characteristics of modern Human Resource (HR) management is that professionals in this field make it their primary objective to create a positive work environment where employees feel encouraged to dedicate themselves to their work. One way in which modern human resource management professionals do this is to enforce strict policies regarding behavior among employees. For instance, all employees might go through continual human resource training in which they learn about language and actions that are acceptable and even encouraged, versus ways of behaving which can lead to a negative workplace.

Another characteristic of modern human resource management is that professionals encourage employees to develop professionally and help them to meet their goals. For instance, it is common for companies to have policies that enable all workers to make suggestions for how they think operations can be improved. Human resource professionals might develop platforms that employees can use to express their thoughts and ideas. Likewise, if employees feel that they are being ignored by supervisors or that they are being treated unfairly, they can speak about these problems with human resource professionals.


It also is common for modern HR management professionals to engage in the recruiting process. Recruiting processes vary among companies and job openings, though it is common for human resource professionals to sort through applications and resumes and to choose those documents that show job requirements, such as proper levels of experience and academic preparation, have been met. It also is common for job candidates to interview with human resource professionals before they meet managers or supervisors.

Many modern human resource management professionals also administer tests to job candidates. These tests might be personality or ethics tests that allow human resource professionals to decide if candidates are respectful in the workplace. They also might administer job placement tests. With these assessments, human resource workers can learn if job candidates have the right skills, bodies of knowledge, and character traits to fill specific positions.

Professionals in modern human resource management also are responsible for motivating employees to do their best. Some human resource workers might assign reading materials to employees that help them to understand the importance of their roles. It also is common for human resource professionals to bring in motivational speakers or to engage employees in group exercises that emphasize the importance of teamwork and group dynamics.


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