What are the Characteristics of an Endomorph Body Type?

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The characteristics of an endomorph body type include a rounder body with a waist that is often bigger than the chest. People with this body types often have short arms and legs, with the upper part of the limbs being larger than the lower part. They tend to store fat easily and have more difficulty losing weight.

The endomorph may be the hardest body type to have in terms of managing weight and overall fitness. The term ectomorph is usually used to describe people who are tall and skinny. The mesomorph body type describes people with an athletic body.

A person with an endomorph body type usually has a slow metabolism. He or she may eat small amounts of food and still gain weight. Excess calories can turn into fat quickly, and while it is possible for endomorphs to lose weight, it can sometimes be a slow process.

Those with this body type need to stay on a strict diet in order to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. These individuals do not process carbohydrates well, so they should eat a diet of low carbs and consume plenty of protein. Protein can help people with this body type gain muscle and burn fat.


Eating meals that are lower in fat will also help people with an endomorph body type. Some believe that endomorphs have more fat cells in the body than other body types, so eating low-fat meals and snacks will decrease the chance of creating more fat cells in the body. A low-fat diet should be filled with healthy foods such as lean meats, fruits, and vegetables.

Exercise is the key to a healthy weight for endomorphs. People with this body type should be doing cardio exercises daily or at least four times a week. The best exercises for these people include walking, jogging, or biking. Any exercise routine that will increase the heart rate for a good amount of time will help to burn calories and fat, and they should be done for at least 30 to 45 minutes per session.

Endomorphs usually have a good amount of strength and can build muscle easily, but they need to do exercises that increase muscle mass. Light weight lifting and circuit training are considered good exercises to build muscle and tone the body. This kind of routine, along with a cardio plan, will help maintain a healthy body weight.


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Post 3

Can a body type change with age?

When I was younger, I could eat anything and stay the same weight. Now I found myself having to exercise much more to stay at the same weight. It's not uncommon to see someone who was skinny become overweight as an adult.

Maybe the three body types just have less importance as we age.

Post 2

@Izzy78 - I agree with your genetics comment. I was always under the impression that someone's size was more a result of diet and exercise.

While I don't think anyone can argue with the fact that regular exercise and a healthy diet are important, it seems it's more true for someone with an endomorphic body type.

Post 1

I wasn't aware genetics related so much to gaining and losing body fat.

Where did the names for the body types originate, though? Endo- typically refers to the inside, meso- the middle, and ecto- the outside, so what significance do they have here?

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