What are the Characteristics of a Mesomorph Body Type?

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People with a mesomorph body type have average builds with the muscle definition and strength of an athlete, broad shoulders, and a narrow waist. Mesomorphs build muscle easily, and are generally more muscular than the endomorphs or ectomorphs. A fast metabolism helps people with this body type lose fat and maintain weight when they follow a healthy diet and exercise program. The mesomorph body is considered by western society to be the ideal male and female body type.

Mesomorph metabolism is faster than that of the endomorph body type but slower than the metabolism of an ectomorph. It is often easy for people with this body type to lose excess weight when they follow a low-fat, high-protein eating plan with the proper number of calories and plenty of exercise. Like people with an endomorphic body type, mesomorphs gain weight quickly if their eating plans contain too many calories from high-fat, high-sugar foods. As they age, they will need to follow a strict plan of diet and exercise to maintain their muscle mass and fitness level. Mesomorphs must be sure not to take their body type for granted, or they will become fat and unfit.


Muscle building often comes very easily to people with a mesomorph body type, which might be one of the reasons why so many professional athletes have this build. Even an out-of-shape mesomorph who wants to get back into shape may be able to quickly change flabby muscles to fit, well-defined muscles with relative ease. This is particularly the case when cardiovascular and weight-training workouts are combined and done on a regular basis. Mesomorphs are solidly built and well-suited to activities that require strength and endurance, such as swimming and hiking.

Mesomorphic men have classical masculine rectangular builds with broad shoulders. The chest tapers to a narrow waist, and the hips are not quite as wide as the shoulders are broad. Women also have broad shoulders, a narrow waist and wide hips, commonly referred to as a hourglass shape. Both men and women have medium-to-large frames. The overall look is proportional and balanced.

In western culture, the mesomorph body type is stereotypically associated with the ideal human body. People with this body type often are characterized as more attractive, more successful, and more intelligent than people with other body types. They typically are described by others as more friendly and outgoing people with natural leadership abilities and a competitive nature.


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Post 7

In high school, I was a track runner and I noticed my legs getting more defined with muscles. I do lose weight easily but also gain it back as quickly.

My family is filled with ectomorphs and they sometimes called me stocky and fat because of my muscles and I wasn't exactly as skinny as they were. In trying to find a diet to make me like them, I came across this and found out what body type I was.

The way they explained a mesomorph explained me and I did get little in my head about having the most sought after one but then realized all sizes are beautiful.

Jennifer Hudson is an endomorph and looks amazing! The same goes for Ectomorphs.

Post 6

@anon299067-- I think when people say that mesomorph is the ideal body type, they mean that it's ideal for athletes.

I think all body types are ideal in some way depending on what type of activity the person will be engaging in.

For example, endomorphs can sustain themselves longer in emergencies because of their slow metabolism and tendency to store fat. Ectomorphs are thin and tall with a rapid metabolism which makes them faster. Mesomorphs are very strong and muscled, which makes lifting weights a piece of cake.

They're all good in different ways.

Post 5

@donasmrs-- You sound like an endomorph, but endomorphs tend to gain weight quickly and have a hard time losing it.

Both endomorphs and mesomorphs gain muscle quickly but the muscles of mesomorph body type are more visible than that of endomorphs. And don't forget, endomorphs have round bodies whereas mesomorph female body type have rectangular ones.

Post 4

I guess I'm not a mesomorph female. I have wide shoulders and wide hips, but I don't have a narrow waist. I do lose and gain weight quickly though.

Post 3

@Browncoat: Why? Where is your natural pride? I am an ectomorph through and through and after a decade of trying to be more 'mesomorphic,' I am finally walking tall,chin up as the 'ectomorph' that I am. So I say (naturally with self-respect reigning supreme above all) the ectomorph is the ideal body type -- my type!

Post 2

You might not be a natural mesomorphic body type but you can do some things to try and get closer to it. Building muscle is the best way of ensuring that you will always be able to lose weight quickly.

Even if you don't want to look bulky you can still tone your muscles through doing something like pilates or yoga.

Even if you never truly look like a mesomorph, you can still get the benefits of the high metabolism.

Post 1

I think that generally a mesomorph is the ideal body type in western culture, but that this is not always acknowledged. Often models, who are usually not muscular and don't have the mesomorph body type for women, i.e. the hourglass figure, are put forward as being the ideal.

Usually, when men are asked they prefer a girl who has more of a curvy figure, not too big or too skinny. But, most girls think that skinny is the ideal, as skinny as possible.

This is one of the reasons that eating disorders are so common.

I think if we all truly acknowledged that a healthy body size is the most beautiful kind, that there would be less suffering in the world.

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