What Are the Chances That a Woman Will Marry by 40?

In the United States, about half of all women get married before they are 25 years old, and more than 85 percent marry before they turn 40. The average age for US women to get married for the first time is 26.5. In both Canada and the United Kingdom, it is 28.5. College-educated women are less likely to divorce than women who don't hold college degrees. Women who have college educations are also more likely to marry after 40 than women who have less education.

More about marriage:

  • In 1950, 90% of women who had high school educations got married by the time they were 40. For college-educated women, that figure was 75%.

  • About 81% of men in the US marry before age 40.

  • Only about 6% of women in the US get married by age 18.

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