What Are the Challenges of Human Resource Management?

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The challenges of human resource management may vary somewhat from one setting to the next, but there is a core group of challenges that are likely to apply in just about every type and size of business. Challenges such as dealing with changes in operating procedures, employee turnover, balancing the need to compensate employees fairly with the need to keep the company financially solvent, and even the creation and structure of ongoing employee training processes are likely to be part of the human resources issues that require ongoing attention and refining. Without taking the time to identify and deal with the challenges of human resource management, the potential of a company to thrive is greatly reduced.


Many of the challenges of human resource management focus on the employees associated with the organization. Within this group of issues, human resources personnel will find it necessary to consider the effectiveness of the screening and hiring of new employees, which mechanisms are in place to properly train those new hires, and even how to go about structuring a benefit package that is likely to attract qualified candidates. The challenges do not end once an employee is on board and properly trained; human resources efforts continue in the form of constantly working on compensation that keeps those valuable employees from seeking opportunities elsewhere, implementing processes that aid in employee evaluation, and in general making sure employees have what they need in order to be productive and remain an asset to the company.

Other types of challenges of human resource management are also found in just about any organization. These may focus on how to go about working with managers, executives, and company owners and officers in order to make sure the business is in compliance with all current labor laws that apply in the jurisdictions where the company operates. Depending on how often there updates to those laws, educating owners and officers on these changes and also working with managers to implement the necessary changes to company polices and procedures may be an ongoing effort.

Among the several challenges of human resource management is the need to constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to develop future leadership for the business. This can mean being aware of the potential of different employees and working with managers and others to identify when additional training may be merited.

While sometimes overlooked or seen as a function that is solely within the province of managers, human resource personnel can often see potential in employees that others overlook and take steps to ascertain both the level of interest and the potential possessed by specific employees to eventually be promoted within the company organization. This particular challenge may be hampered or helped by the general corporate culture that prevails, and the willingness of current management to see the wisdom in investing more resources into certain employees as a means of preparing for the future.


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