What Are the Causes of Unexplained Bleeding?

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Causes of unexplained bleeding will depend upon the specific location of the bleeding. For instance, the cause of a spontaneous nose bleed may be dry air or allergies. Unexplained bleeding or heavy menstrual cycles may occur as a result of ovarian cysts, which can be detected by an ultrasound. When bleeding occurs from the gums, especially after brushing and flossing the teeth, this could indicate gum disease. One hard-to-detect type of bleeding is stomach bleeding, which may be caused by the use of anti-inflammatory medications.

Unexplained bleeding during the first or second trimester of pregnancy could indicate an impending miscarriage. When this occurs, the woman will most likely experience severe cramping as well. In most cases, the physician will perform an ultrasound to check for activity of the unborn child. The ultrasound can determine if there is imminent danger for the mother or unborn baby.

An ulcer may be to blame for unexplained gastrointestinal bleeding. Another cause of unexplained bleeding in the lower intestinal tract may be a condition known as Chrohn's disease. This medical condition, which also causes stomach cramps and diarrhea, may also cause rectal bleeding in some individuals. More seriously, colon cancer is another cause of unexplained bleeding from the rectum, and this can be life threatening if not treated in the early stages.


Rectal bleeding may also be caused by hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are small enlarged lumps of tissue surrounding the rectum that can become irritated and bleed. Rectal bleeding may also be caused by an anal fissure, which is a small tear within the tissue of the rectum. These tears usually repair within a short period of time without any treatment.

Diverticulitis may cause unexplained rectal bleeding due to pouches of diverticula in the colon that become inflamed. Medication may help to control symptoms, including rectal bleeding. Many patients who suffer from diverticulitis must also adhere to a special diet typically free of nuts and seeds.

Many diabetics suffer from unexplained wounds that bleed easily. Bleeding wounds caused by diabetes tend to develop on the feet more commonly than other areas of the body. Individuals with diabetes who experience bleeding wounds must take special care to prevent infection. Some diabetics wear shoes with special padding to help foot wounds heal faster.

Bleeding from the ears may be very serious and could indicate a head injury that requires immediate medical treatment. Injury to the eardrum or ear canal may cause unexplained bleeding as well. If bleeding accompanies a ruptured eardrum, antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent infection. Surgery may be needed to repair a tear that has not healed after several weeks.


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On various occasions without any injury, bruising, wounds of any sort or pain. I start to bleed through my pores. This has happened about three or four times on both legs, from the knee to as low as my ankle. It's really very strange and there's no real reason why.

It is like a bubble or something comes to the surface of my legs, opens up and causes a stream of blood to start running down. I don't feel anything and and am unaware, until someone points out to me or I spot.

I have taken coumadin for the past 14 years but I've been checked and level seems to be O.K.

This bleeding has been on and off, I believe, since May of 2012. My doctor has no idea what it is and

said she had not seen this before.

Any idea of what the problem could be? I would love

to have a clue. --Eileen

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