What are the Causes of Frequent Urination with Pain?

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Frequent urination with pain may be the direct result of a urinary tract infection, sexually transmitted disease, or a prostate problem. Urination that is painful is often referred to as dysuria, and many people describe the pain as a stinging, burning sensation. In some cases, frequent urination with pain will go away on its own. If the symptoms do not subside, it is important for a person to see a doctor. Antibiotics or other types of medication may be necessary before the bladder symptoms disappear.

Many people who experience frequent urination with pain often have a urinary tract infection. This type of infection is usually the result of bacteria getting inside the urethra. Symptoms of a urinary tract infection include blood in the urine and occasionally lower back pain in addition to frequent, painful urination. There are home tests that a person can purchase over the counter to determine if she might have a urinary tract infection. If the results are positive, antibiotics will likely be needed in order to clear up the infection.


Some types of sexually transmitted diseases can cause symptoms that may include increased urinary frequency and pain. Gonorrhea and genital herpes are two examples of sexually transmitted diseases that include these urinary symptoms. There is no cure for genital herpes, although the disease can be managed. Gonorrhea is treatable with antibiotics. A sexually active person who is experiencing frequent urination with pain may need to see his doctor about the possibility that he might have a sexually transmitted disease if a urinary tract infection is ruled out.

In some men, prostatitis can cause frequent, painful urination. Prostatitis is a disease that affects the prostate gland, and although doctors are not always able to pinpoint the cause, it is probably the result of bacteria leaking into the prostate from the urine. In addition to frequent, painful urination, men with prostatitis might also experience intense pain in the lower back or groin area. Fever, nausea, and vomiting may occur if prostatitis is left untreated. Some types of prostatitis are treatable with antibiotics, while other types are harder to treat and may require regular use of pain relievers and alpha blockers to relax the bladder muscles.

Frequent urination with pain is not typically a problem a person should ignore. Even though the symptoms might go away on their own, it's a good idea for someone who experienced them to see a doctor anyway. Ruling out any serious problems might give peace of mind to a person who is concerned about her health. If the symptoms go away without treatment, there is a good chance they will return again soon, particularly if the problem is related to some type of infection or disease.


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Post 3

I'm being treated for cystitis right now. Apparently, cystitis means bladder inflammation. I heard it for the first time when my doctor told me what I'm suffering from. I went in because of frequent urination and pain. I have pelvic pain and a burning sensation when I urinate. It also feels like I constantly have to urinate, but I don't actually have to go. It's very weird. Anyway, I'm on antibiotics now. My doctor said that the symptoms will resolve soon.

Post 2

@ddljohn-- Yes, they can but it's not as common as it is in women. Women are more likely to get UTIs because they have a shorter urethra and the vaginal opening is relatively closer to the rectum. So it's easier for bacteria to reach the urethra. This is harder in men so men don't usually get UTIs. This doesn't mean that it never happens though.

Another cause of frequent urination with pain in men is prostate problems. Could that be the issue?

You ought to make an appointment with your doctor to figure this out. If you need to be on antibiotics, you don't want to delay it. An infection can worsen and spread if it is not treated in time.

Post 1

Can men get UTIs?

I have a frequent urge to urinate and urination is painful. I have not been sexually active for a while, so I don't think it's an STD. Could it be a UTI or do only women develop that type of infection?

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