What are the Causes of Frequent Urination with Fatigue?

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Many illnesses and conditions can cause a person to experience frequent urination with fatigue. More than 50 causes can account for the symptoms. At times, it’s as simple as feeling anxious, and at other times, it can be as serious as having bladder cancer. Other causes include pregnancy, diabetes, cystitis and kidney infection.

One common cause for frequent urination with fatigue among women is pregnancy. During the third trimester, such symptoms become more regular. Although the womb is designed to expand to make space for the baby, it is inevitable that the growing body inside will push against certain organs, particularly the bladder.

As the baby positions itself to come out of the cervix, the head will compress the bladder, making it more difficult for the mother to control urination. Moreover, the baby’s weight, in addition to the mother’s own weight gain, can use up more energy than usual, resulting in fatigue. Pregnancy also usually comes with sleeping problems, which also contributes to the feeling of fatigue.

Frequent urination and fatigue can also be brought about by diabetes. Diabetes hinders the person’s ability to produce insulin, which is responsible for transferring sugar from the blood to different cells. When blood sugar is elevated, a person can suffer from fatigue, frequent urination, constant hunger, constant thirst and blurred vision, among many other symptoms.


Another cause for the two symptoms can be cystitis, which is a urinary tract or bladder infection, usually from a bacteria called Escherichia coli, or E. coli. The body is forced to eliminate bacteria from the body, thus frequent and urgent urination is experienced, with the urine having a cloudy characteristic. Nocturia, or the urge to urinate during nighttime, is also an indicator of cystitis. Aside from these, a person suffering from cystitis might also have other symptoms, such as fever, fatigue, chills and nausea.

A type of kidney infection and inflammation called pyelonephritis can also cause frequent urination with fatigue. Pyelonephritis is usually an offshoot of cystitis. Heavily infected urine that passes through consequently infects the kidneys and spreads the bacteria to the tissues. Besides the frequency, a painful or bloody urination can also be experienced for both cystitis and pyelonephritis.

In some cases, chronic fatigue and urination can also indicate worse illnesses, such as renal cancer, ovarian cancer, bladder cancer or multiple sclerosis. Frequent urination with fatigue can be usual symptoms for many diseases, infections and conditions. Therefore, it is important for one to observe and look at other symptoms that go along with them in order to have an accurate diagnosis.


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Late in pregnancy, most women will have a frequent need to urinate just because the baby will be squeezing the bladder. But frequent urination with fatigue can also occur in early pregnancy. Hormonal changes can cause you to go more often even your baby is still very tiny, and of course fatigue is very common in the first trimester.

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