What Are the Causes of Dry Skin on the Scrotum?

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There are many things that may cause a man to have dry skin on his scrotum. For starters, this problem can occur simply because his skin is dry in general, and sometimes dry, irritated skin develops in this area because it is very sensitive. Even something as simple as pants or underwear that chafe the groin may contribute to this problem. A skin condition such as eczema may be at fault in some cases, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and other types of infections may cause dry skin on the scrotum as well.

Often, dry skin doesn’t develop because a person has a skin condition or another type of underlying problem; it may develop just because a man is prone to this condition. In such a case, there are some easy steps he can take to deal with this issue if it affects his scrotum. For example, he may drink more water, as adequate hydration helps to protect against excessive drying of the skin. He may also avoid taking very hot baths and showers, as both of these serve to make dry skin worse. Additionally, using a moisturizer that is free of perfumes and dyes on the affected area often proves helpful.


Sometimes a man develops dry skin on the scrotum because the skin in this area is sensitive and vulnerable to whatever touches it. As such, he may develop dry, irritated skin in response to harsh chemicals found in some soaps and cleansers. Sometimes a man's clothing can even be at fault, and dry skin may develop when a man's pants, shorts, or underwear chafes his skin around the scrotum. It may even develop when the detergent in his clothing irritates his skin.

It sometimes happens that the skin on a man’s scrotum becomes overly dry in response to a skin condition. Eczema, a skin condition marked by dry, itchy, inflamed skin that sometimes develops oozing bumps, may cause this problem. Medical experts aren’t sure what causes this condition, but skin that is already dry and irritated is more prone to it. Likewise, there is some evidence that problems with the immune system play a role.

Dry skin on the scrotum may also develop as the result of an infection. For example, an STD may cause or contribute to dry skin in the genital region. Sometimes yeast infections cause dry, itchy, irritated skin as well.


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Post 5

I have a fungal infection on my scrotum area, but not on my penis. I have taking anti-fungal cream. Upon application for some time (four weeks), it seems to reduce and then resurface. Can someone advise me on what to do?

Post 4

I have some areas where the skin has become thin and feels like jelly. What reason would it be?

Post 3

I have a fungal infection on my scrotum area, but not on my penis. I have not had sex at all but I feel the infection is as a result of my undies. I have taken some drugs and used some antifungal cream. Upon application for some time (four weeks), it seems to reduce and then resurface. Can someone advise me on what to do?

Post 2

Unless there is some serious damage going on, I think most of the time you'll just need some lotion for dry skin. You probably won't even need to use it that often. Whenever I get dry skin, I just use it for a few days, it gets better and that's it.

But, you know, if that doesn't work and it's more like dry scaly or peeling skin, you should definitely give up on the dry skin remedies and get yourself to a doctor.

I know guys don't like to go to the doctor but I've seen too many stories online where people left it and it turned out to be something that could have been treated easily, or worse, something that could have been caught before it did damage, but wasn't.

Just suck it up and get it over with.

Post 1

I would suggest that you use cotton, loose fitting underwear if you're having problems with dry flaky skin.

Synthetic fibers aren't very good for really dry skin and they can just make it worse. Cotton, or possibly something like merino or bamboo would be better.

But I would also have a look at what you were using to wash your clothes and sheets. I once had a terrible time with itchy, peeling skin and it turned out I was allergic to the washing machine powder I had bought on sale.

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