What are the Blue Dog Democrats?

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The Blue Dog Democrats are a coalition of moderate and conservative Democratic members of the United States House of Representatives. Their numbers vary, but generally hover between 30 and 50 individuals. This relatively new force in the Democratic party claims to be building bridges between the Democrats and Republicans in government, although critics have pointed out that the Blue Dog Democrats have also triggered a general trend towards conservatism in the United States Government, much to the frustration of liberals.

This coalition was founded in 1994 by a group of Southern Democrats who held traditional values about reproductive rights, the economy, immigration, and other major issues. The explanation for the name of the organization varies, depending on who you talk to. Some Blue Dog Democrats say that it is a reference to a series of paintings in the office of a Louisiana Congressman who was a founding member of the group, while others say it is a joking reference to the Yellow Dog Democrats, Democrats who are “so loyal that they would vote for a mangy yellow dog before they'd vote for a Republican.”


The members of the Blue Dog Coalition work together in a number of ways. They often vote together as a block, bringing a more conservative voice into the American Democratic Party, and they also work together to sponsor bills in the legislature and promote programs which they think are important. Some Blue Dog Democrats also try to act as moderators in heated debated between the two major parties in Washington, in an attempt to reach agreements which everyone can be happy with.

Junior Representatives in the coalition are sometimes referred to as “Blue Pups,” in a reference to their recent arrival on Capitol Hill. The numbers of such Blue Pups began to rise in the late 1990s, with conservative Democrats displacing some more moderate and liberal members of the party in several key elections. Blue Dogs come from all over the United States, including areas which have traditionally been dominated by more liberal politics.

Many Blue Dogs advocate for more sound fiscal policy in the United States, attempting to create policies which will build a strong economy and encourage financial responsibility among people and businesses. They may also support other traditionally conservative efforts, like a push for more gun rights. However, Blue Dog Democrats should not be confused with Republicans. They do differ from the Republican party on a lot of key issues; many Blue Dogs, for example, support organized labor and other “liberal” causes, demonstrating the balance that they strike between the two parties, integrating both traditionally conservative and liberal values.


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Congressman Patrick Murphy of Pennsylvania, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez of California, and Congressman John Taylor of Tennessee (the founding member) are three Blue Dogs.

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