What are the Best Ways to Upload Videos?

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There are a number of ways to share and upload videos on a computer and over the Internet. When an individual decides to upload videos to the Internet for sharing with others, video sharing websites, blogs and social networking sites are all popular ways of doing so. To upload videos for private viewing, however, an individual needs a video uploading program installed on the computer, as well as a connection cord that will transfer the information from the camera to the computer. Video uploading software usually allows for playback of any video, but doesn't necessarily contain programs for editing a video.

Using a website as a medium to upload videos is a very popular activity used by many people all over the world, and promotes video sharing and networking. Popular video sharing sites can easily be found with any search engine, and the majority of the time they are free to all users. Videos can be commented on by other users and shared with others through various social networking platforms. When an individual wants to upload videos to a video sharing website, she can be assured that the video will stay saved in the site's network for later retrieval.


For private video viewing, a user can activate privacy settings for any video on a video sharing website. This way only selected groups of people, or only the one who uploaded the video, can view the video. Having a video uploading program that works directly with the camera that contains the video is another way to easily upload a video to a computer for private viewing. Most of the time cameras will come with additional software for video uploads. If not, the company or the brand can advise which software to purchase based on the model of camera through its website or customer service.

Choosing to upload videos to the computer through video uploading software, rather than posting them to the web, is a good choice for those who wish to edit their videos. Adding effects or text can easily be done in any video editing software. Some video uploading software contains the added benefits of editing videos and adding special effects. Choosing a software that combines the two is a good choice to make for ease of uploading, editing and review of the final product.


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Post 3

@umbra21 - Tell that to the poor kids who have become viral video hits in their time. There have been a lot of cases recently where someone has been bullied severely because the students at their local school found a video or even uploaded their own video and used it as a target.

Post 2

@irontoenail - I think people should use common sense, but I also think there's a point where you have to just let it go. If you couldn't bear the thought of someone seeing you doing something in a video, then don't tape it.

But even if it happens to get out, does it really matter all that much? It's very rare that people will actually care about an individual video all that much. There is billions of minutes worth of video on YouTube alone and most of it is completely ignored.

Post 1

Remember that if you upload a video, it is no longer yours to control. It might still be yours in terms of copyright, but that doesn't always mean much online. Even videos that you might think are private can be taken by a determined hacker and I've heard of people having pictures and video taken from their email and used as blackmail material. It sounds far fetched but it has happened.

Be particularly cautious about uploading anything to a video sharing service if you haven't carefully monitored the video first. Try to get permission from everyone in it, particularly parents if their children are involved. Many people have put up a video, realized they shouldn't and tried to take it down, only to find that it's already been copied and will never be eliminated from the public eye again.

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