What are the Best Ways to get Hemorrhoid Relief?

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As anyone who has suffered from hemorrhoids knows all too well, the pain can be extremely debilitating. The condition often makes it impossible to find a comfortable position when sitting, interrupts sleep patterns, and causes individuals to become easily irritated. In general, hemorrhoids make it difficult to enjoy just about any activity. Fortunately, there are several ways to deal with the condition and obtain hemorrhoid relief in a relatively short period of time.

For milder cases, it is possible to get hemorrhoid relief using over the counter products. There are several different creams and ointments that can ease the burning and itching sensation, making it a little easier to get on with life. Suppositories are sometimes helpful, as well as pads treated with aloe, witch hazel, and other ingredients, in alleviating some of the discomfort. Generally, it is not a good idea to use over the counter remedies for hemorrhoid treatment more than a week. If the condition persists, see a doctor.

Along with a hemorrhoid cream or ointment, the use of a hemorrhoid cushion may be in order. This simple device makes it a little easier to sit, which may come in handy at work as well as around the house. The cushions are sometimes inflatable devices, while others are constructed using foam that offers support while still cushioning the affected area.


There are situations where the only way to achieve hemorrhoid relief is to undergo surgery. This is especially true when the hemorrhoids bleed or do not respond to medication. Often, minimally invasive procedures are tried before undergoing more comprehensive surgery. Two common approaches to managing hemorrhoid pain include the use of light therapy or an injection to shrink the hemorrhoids.

When minimally invasive procedures do not achieve the desired relief, hemorrhoid surgery is the only solution. The hemorrhoidectomy is the most common approach. This involves removing the hemorrhoids while the patient is under sedation. Normally, this is a procedure that requires an overnight stay in the hospital. If no complications arise from the removal of the tissue, the patient can go home after twenty-four hours, usually with specific instructions on how to keep the area clean and some type of medication to manage the pain as the healing process continues.

Fortunately, hemorrhoid relief can often be achieved by using over the counter medications, coupled with a few basic tips that help to prevent further irritation. Avoiding the use of perfumed toilet paper is often recommended. For cleaning after a bowel movement, many doctors recommend using pre-moistened towelettes or at least a damp section of unscented toilet paper. After bathing or showering, using a hair dryer to thoroughly dry the anal area instead of using a towel will also help to minimize further irritation and bring about some measure of hemorrhoid relief.


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Kegels are exercises that people should look into for relief, as well as not sitting when using the toilet. Past that, watching your diet (salty and greasy foods should be avoided for example) carefully can help too.

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