What are the Best Waste Solutions?

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There are at least two components generally necessary for a waste solution to be considered a good one. First, the solution should be thought out. Second, the solution should be put into action. If it is among the best of waste solutions, it should involve elimination or constructive reuse of the discarded matter.

Knowledge is becoming increasingly common regarding the effects that waste has on living creatures and their environment. This should, therefore, help people realize the importance of waste solutions. How to treat waste is a topic that many people do not prioritize. Such disregard can be found at every level, from individuals to governments.

Good waste solutions arise when people begin to take the matter seriously. Some places in the world are extremely dirty compared to some other places. A person may drive through the streets of a city in some countries and find not only rampant litter but also garbage carelessly piled near the roads. This is evidence of people who have little reverence for waste solutions.

Educating people on the effects of waste and on ways to develop solutions is one of the best starting points. It is best when these efforts are made on a global level. Improper waste disposal in one place often has effects in another place.


Once people are educated, the best waste solutions are those that are put into action. It is important for people to do something with the information once they receive it. If the knowledge is not applied, then positive change cannot occur. In some cases, it may be wise to enact global incentives or ramifications for acting otherwise.

Take, as an example, developing countries that pollute their waters. It is best to make sure people are aware of the problem and the possible effects. Once this has been determined, it is also wise to make sure they have the capacity to develop solutions. When these criteria are met, positive action may need to be rewarded in some way. Refusal to solve the problem may need to be dealt with in a harsher manner.

This same principal can apply at the household or community level. Enforcing the need to prioritize waste solutions may be necessary. This is especially true in situations where people have developed negative habits.

The best of waste solutions are going to be those that help eliminate the amount of waste to be discarded. This could include solutions that reduce waste volumes by reducing consumption and production. It can also include solutions that involve converting waste into something that can be beneficial in another way.


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